What companies does Blue Apron own? (+9 Blue Apron advantages)

This post will explain what companies Blue Apron owns. In addition to this, we will be listing the advantages that Blue Apron presents to its customers. Finally, we will be discussing some of the disadvantages that are present in Blue Apron, those that customers have experienced in the past.

What companies does Blue Apron own?

Blue Apron owns BN Ranch as of March 24, 2017. BN Ranch was owned by Bill Niman who is called the godfather of sustainable farming. These sustainable farming practices used for the animals in these ranches have made the quality of the Blue Apron meal kits even better. Other than BN Ranch, Blue Apron does not own any other company.

 Advantages of Blue Apron

Blue Apron, as a meal kit delivery service brings a wide range of pretty useful advantages for any customer. These advantages have been showcased in the section as follows.

Blue Apron is very flexible to use

One of the best things about using Blue Apron is that this meal kit service is pretty flexible. The customer can place an order whenever they want and can also skip a week or weeks, no questions asked. The customer is also open to choose from various sizes of meal boxes depending on the needs of their family.

It has a lot of variety

In Blue Apron, the customer can find a lot of variety. The recipes are not repeated for the whole year and therefore the customer can be sure to experience new cuisines and tastes on a regular basis. The galore of recipes are intended to bring variety and a healthy balance to every customer’s dining table.

The customer can make changes to their recipes

In Blue Apron, the customer is also free to make any type of change to their recipes at any point of time. The customer can choose to swap one ingredient for another. They can also upgrade any ingredient for an even more premium one that can instantly make any meal a fancy dinner. Many customers opt to upgrade their meat for a finer cut.

 They can create add-ons

The customer can also create add-ons for their meal kits depending on their moods and preferences. The add-ons can be in the form of sides or apps that can be consumed before the main meal. The customer can also create add-ons in the form of desserts. These add-ons are also simple enough to prepare.

 There are WW approved meal kits

In Blue Apron, there are also several WW approved meal kits. These meal kits have been created in collaboration with Weight Watchers or WW and are intended for those who are trying to limit their intakes. These meals are definitely low in calories but dense in nutrition. And thus, customers who want to lose weight can easily opt for these meals.

The ingredients are very fresh

The ingredients in the Blue Apron meal boxes are definitely fresh and of the highest standards. Blue Apron partners with only those farmers and suppliers who use sustainable practices and thus the vegetables and fruits are organic and farm-fresh. Blue Apron also sources its meat from grass-fed and antibiotic-free animals and birds.

Blue Apron offers wine pairings

Wine pairings are also available in Blue Apron. These wines are chosen keeping in mind the tastes and aromas that are present in the meal and can definitely enhance the flavors of any dish. For those who are new to wine, the Blue Apron website supplies a lot of information about wines, their origins and their subtle flavors.

There is an online market

Blue Apron even has an online market section where the customer can find utensils and kitchen tools for purchasing. In addition to the utensils, appliances like electric ovens are also sold here. Furthermore, there is a pantry section where the customer can find spices and seasonings for their meals.

Blue Apron offers Heat & Eat options

Not all the meal kits in Blue Apron need to be cooked. There are several Heat and Eat options in Blue Apron that are pre-cooked. These are delivered in a frozen state to the customer and only need to be heated in the microwave for a few minutes and then are ready for consumption. These are definitely one of the fan-favorites in Blue Apron.

Disadvantages of Blue Apron

Blue Apron certainly has plenty of advantages, but at the same time has its share of disadvantages, such as,

  • Most of the meal kits in Blue Apron still need to be cooked by the customer. And thus, these may not be feasible for those who are coming home after a long day and don’t want to put any effort into cooking.
  • The wine pairing feature of Blue Apron is not available in all the states of the US. This is due to the varying state laws.
  • While Blue Apron brands itself as a meal kit service to help people become better chefs, those who are already advanced in the kitchen will find the recipes too simple and mediocre.


This post has explained what companies Blue Apron owns. In addition to this, we have listed the advantages that Blue Apron presents to its customers. Finally, we have discussed some of the disadvantages that are present in Blue Apron, those that customers have experienced in the past.

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