What chips can you eat with braces?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What chips can you eat with braces?”. We will further elaborate on the other types of food to eat with braces and which types of food you should avoid with braces.

What chips can you eat with braces?

You can eat any type of chips with braces but you should be careful. That is, you just need to select the right one as foods and items we eat can knock off braces that are glued to the teeth.

Below are some good options of chips to eat with braces 

  • veggie sticks
  • kale chips
  • carrot chips
  • baked chips
  • cheese puffs
  • pringles
  • sweet potato fries

It makes no difference what sort of chips you eat, just make sure to eat them one at a time (instead of a handful all in one bite). Not only it looks more mannered, but it might also protect you from misfortune with your braces, for instance, a bent wire or damaged bracket.

What are other types of food which we can eat with braces?

Diced or sliced fruits such as banana, watermelon, apples, mango, applesauce, and small fruits like raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are good to eat with braces. 

Some other foods which are bite-sized such as pieces of cheese are also good to consume due to their nutritious value and delicious taste. 

In evening snacks, you can go for jello, baked chips, muffins, and puddings. You can also consume ice cream with braces but make sure to brush right after having ice cream.

Which types of food are considered good for lunch and dinner when you have your braces on?

You can eat any food with braces but some foods are specifically recommended by dentists to consume when you have your braces on that include sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fish- any kind of sushi, turkey or ground beef, steamed vegetables, and soft tacos.

Some other varieties of food that can be eaten with braces include couscous, shredded chicken, pasta, meatloaf, ramen noodles, rice, soft tacos, rice, macaroni, quinoa, cheese, soup either its chicken or chili and beans. 

These all foods are suggested to eat as a second and third meal of the day.

What foods are ok to intake with braces during breakfast?

In breakfast, doctors always suggest taking some healthy and highly nutritious food such as pancakes, oatmeal, protein shakes, hash browns that should not be crispy, cereals that are soft (soak them first in milk), cream cheese, or butter on mild toasted bread, avocado toast, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Which food should you avoid eating with braces?

It is not about avoiding those foods which are healthy or not. The reason for avoiding any food with braces relies on the solidity of ingredients. 

You should avoid eating food that is solid in texture like biting into an apple, chunky peanut butter, chewy or toasted bagels, well-cooked steaks, granola bars, carrots, bars, beef jerky, and corn-on-the-cob.

You should avoid that food which needs force to eat as they might cause harm to your braces by breaking them.

Can I drink soda with braces?

Technically, there is no issue with drinking soda water when you have your braces on but liquid containing sugar can cause cavities on the teeth, and especially it becomes difficult to clean the teeth with braces.

So, soda consumption is allowed only if you are using a 5-star brush, otherwise, the formation of cavities will cause enough destruction in your teeth to end them before removing the braces.

So, the best solution is to avoid sugar-containing drinks with braces. Or else, make sure to brush your teeth right after consuming soda and keep your teeth clean to avoid any cavities.

What are the side effects of eating with braces?

Braces are not unbreakable and can drop off the teeth. If there is a strong force against them, the glue holding them to the teeth may not resist and might come off. If a bracket slips off then you have to run to get it re-glued again at its place.  

This is bothersome as you might have to skip class/job, make a new appointment, and it may also delay the treatment.

So, the best solution is to just be cautious of the food you are consuming, and if you have any doubt about foodstuffs that might pop up the braces, avoid them.

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In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What chips can you eat with braces?”. We have further elaborated on the other types of food to eat with braces and which types of food you should avoid with braces.