What chicken lays black eggs?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question, “What chicken lays black eggs?” Furthermore, we will elaborate on the habitat, behaviour and the difference between black and normal eggs.

What chicken lays black eggs?

The Ayam Cemani is a rare breed that gives black eggs instead of normal coloured eggs. 

Ayam Cemani belongs to Indonesia. Because of the muscle content of their thighs, Ayam Cemani is very popular. These thighs lead to them being much faster.

Why does Ayam Cemani give black eggs?

The gene endothelin 3 controls the colour of vertebrates. In some vertebrates, like Ayam Cemani, endothelin 3 is dominant. Whenever this gene is dominant, it causes the pigmentation to take place in excess. Due to this, Ayam Cemani not only gives black eggs but their skin and feather follicles are black too.

Is there any difference between a black egg and a normal egg?

Regarding the nutritional value of the eggs, there is no difference between black eggs and normal brown eggs. The only difference is the colour of the shell and the price.

Can we eat Ayam Cemani eggs and meat?

A question comes to mind if we can consume the eggs and the meat of Ayam Cemani safely. Yes, these can be consumed safely. The meat and eggs of Ayam Cemani contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. The content of haemoglobin is enough to provide energy to pregnant women.

The texture of the meat of Ayam Cemani is chewy and it has a pleasant taste. The meat and eggs of Ayam Cemani can be used to make several dishes.

What is the behaviour of Ayam Cemani?

Talking about the behaviour of Ayam Cemani, these are not harmful towards humans. In fact, this breed of chicken shows a gentle and friendly attitude. Ayam Cemani is believed to be a confident and low maintenance chicken.

After a study was carried out, it was revealed even under the stressful situation, Ayan Cemani remains carefree and unbothered.


Kedu, which is a group of breeds, is present along with Ayam Cemani. Both of these are present in the small islands of Indonesia. Ayan Cemani is also present in India. The breed of Ayan Cemani is rare. Recently, a survey was carried out according to which there are only 3500 Ayam Cemani in the world.


The Ayan Cemani is not a good egg layer. In fact, they lay almost eighty eggs in a single year while one egg per week. After laying about twenty to thirty eggs, Ayan Cemani stops laying eggs. Then after a break of six months, they again start laying eggs. 

The eggs of Ayan cemani are large as compared to the eggs of other hens. Depending on the differences in the bloodlines of Ayan Cemani they can either be broody or not. Ayan Cemani provides full protection to their chicks and hence are known as good mothers.

What is the breed standard of Ayan Cemani?

The criteria that were set for the breed standard of Ayan Cemani is as follows:

  •  While standing, Ayan Cemani must stand straight and in an alert position.
  • The size of the body must not be huge. Rather it must be of medium size. The body of Ayan Cemani must be muscular and firm.
  • The wings of Ayan Cemani arising from their shoulders must not be fragile. The breast must be broad and normal-sized back.
  • Each foot of Ayan Cemani must have four toes. The tail must be longer in length. The thighs of Ayan Cemani must be powerful and muscular.
  • All the parts of the body like feathers, skin, eyes, comb and wattles must be black. There must be no colour other than black.

What are some interesting facts about Ayam Cemani?

Genetic mutation: The black colour of the Ayam Cemani is because of a genetic mutation. The genetic mutation that took place in hens is known as fibromelanosis. In fibromelanosis, endothelin-3 was mutated which caused the black colour of Ayam Cemani.

Ayan Cemani were referred to as supernatural: People did not accept Ayan Cemani readily. Hence these were referred to as supernatural in the start. There was an assumption that Ayan Cemani can cause diseases. Over time, people have started accepting them as normal chickens.

Known as Lamborghini chicken: The price of Ayan Cemnai is high as compared to all other chicken breeds. The price of Ayan Cemani in America is about USD 2,500. As Ayan Cemanis are expensive, therefore people refer to them as Lamborghini chickens.

Popular since the nineteenth century: Ayan Cemani is a popular breed of chicken since the nineteenth century. It is said that Ayan Cemani originated during the time of the Majapahit Kingdom.


In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What chicken lays black eggs?” Furthermore, we have elaborated on the habitat, behaviour and the difference between black and normal eggs.



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