What causes black spots on apples?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question “What causes black spots on apples?”. We will further elaborate on the treatment of black spots and the downsides of consuming apples with black spots.

What causes black spots on apples?

Black spots on apples are caused due to two diseases which are caused by fungi. These two fungal diseases are sooty blotch and flyspeck. Most of the time, both these diseases occur together on apples. 

Spots that are caused due to sooty blotch are dark brown to black. While in the case of flyspecks, a lot of shiny and black dots are produced.

Can you eat apples that have black spots?

Apples with black spots can be eaten and can be not. This depends on the area in which black spots are present. If black spots are present on a large area, then this apple must not be consumed and should be discarded. 

If black spots are present only in a small area, then this can be eaten safely by removing just that area of black spots by using a knife. However, apples with black spots must never be stored.

How do apples with black spots appear?

In case apples with black spots are kept for long, then these apples become sunken and tan. Velvety spores also appear in the center of these apples. Upon maturing, these spots enlarge in size and turn brown and corky. 

In extreme cases, a distortion appears in these infected fruits. Cracks appear which become entry points for organisms. Severely affected fruit may drop, especially when young.

Can you treat black spots on apples?

Once apples develop black spots, then they can’t be reversed. However, you can take precautionary measures to stop them from developing black spots. 

For instance, fungicides are effective to prevent apples from developing black spots. This is because black spots are produced by fungi. Thus fungicides can kill these fungi and stop their growth on apples. 

If apple trees are pruned properly, it helps to decrease the chances of black spots. Besides these methods, vigorous rubbing can also help to control the growth of sooty blotch and flyspeck.

Lime sulfur has the potential to stop the growth of black spots on apples. Applying lime sulfur to the apples at the beginning of the growing season helps in the prevention of black spots.

What time is best to spray for the prevention of black spots on apples?

In winter dormancy, it is best to apply the spray. This also must be done at bud burst.

As soon as the disease starts appearing, it is best to apply to spray and repeat at a seven to ten days interval until blossom drops. Before blossoming, it is appropriate to apply Organic Super Sulfur. This must also be applied before the start of the wet period and harvesting.

Which fungicide is best for the treatment of black spots on apples?

Various fungicides are available for the treatment of black spots on apples. One of the best fungicides is Captan and the EBDCs. This fungicide is beneficial to kill fungus and provide protection to apples.

What can happen when eating apples with black spots?

If rotten apples are eaten in large amounts, then many abnormalities can take place. These abnormalities include bleeding ulcers and nausea. Although, not in all but rare cases, apples with black spots can lead to the development of cancer-causing agents in our bodies.

We can also suffer from food poisoning which can get severe with time. Besides these, we can also face some other conditions like vomiting and acute liver disease.

What are the benefits of eating apples?

Some benefits of eating apples are as follows.

Lower cholesterol level: The presence of soluble fibers in apples makes sure that cholesterol is not built up in the lining of blood vessels. Due to this, blood keeps flowing in the arteries. It also keeps the heart-healthy.

Helps in digestion: Soluble fibers present in apples slow down the process of digestion. Due to this, we remain full for a longer period. The blood sugar level is also controlled due to the slow digestion of glucose.

Enhances immune strength: Apples help to convert pro-inflammatory cells to anti-inflammatory cells. Vitamin C present in apples is very beneficial to enhance immune strength and fight off against infections.

Protection against Alzheimer’s disease: Alzheimer’s disease is caused due to destruction of neurons caused by oxidation. Apples contain flavonoids that protect neurons against the damage caused by oxidation.  

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In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What causes black spots on apples?”. We have further elaborated on the treatment of black spots and the downsides of consuming apples with black spots.



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