What can you eat with a tongue piercing?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What can you eat with a tongue piercing?”. We will elaborate on some soft foods and liquid drinks to be used while tongue piercing along with their benefits.

What can you eat with a tongue piercing?

You can eat some liquids like broths, smoothies and applesauce with tongue piercing. In case, tongue piercing is not painful, some soft foods like ice cream and mashed potatoes can be eaten.  

Foods to eat with a tongue piercing

Following are some foods to eat with a tongue piercing


The broth is also known by another name i.e bouillon. It is a savoury liquid that is composed of water along with bones, meat, fish and vegetables that are simmered. People with a tongue piercing can easily use it for eating. 

Some people prefer eating broth alone while some people eat it along with other dishes like soups, gravies and sauces.

One of the main benefits of broth is its effects as an anti-ageing agent. Collagen which is a structural protein present in skin and bones can be availed from broths. The process of digestion can be smoothed by using broth and it improves gut health. 

The broth is good for insomniacs as it helps to regulate the sleep cycle. People with joint problems are recommended to eat broths.

Along with these benefits broths do have many drawbacks. When consumed in excess production of glutamine increases in our body which in turn enhances the production of glutamate and GABA. 

Imbalance in the production of these become the reason for some neurological issues. Other diseases are headaches and the autism spectrum. Mood swings have been noticed in people who consume broth in excess. Severe gut issues have also been reported along-with excessive consumption of broth.


A smoothie is a drink that is feasible to consume for people with tongue piercing. For the preparation of smoothie, pureeing fruits and vegetables are blended in a blender. 

Along with these, other ingredients like non-dairy milk, chocolate, sweeteners, and vinegar are used. Because of the presence of dietary fibres, smoothies are thick.

One of the main benefits of smoothies is the presence of fibres in them. These fibres help to keep us feeling full for a longer period as compared to items that contain no fibres. To prevent dehydration, smoothies help a lot and replenish the water content of our body. 

Numerous flavours and nutrients are present in smoothies. These nutrients and proteins help to fulfil our cravings for junk food. Antioxidants present in smoothies help to kill cancer-causing cells.

The fibre content present in smoothies is dangerous for the body in large amounts. In case we consume smoothies in huge portions, these fibres can not be processed completely by our body. 

Smoothies are composed of a lot of sugar. This sugar content is dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. Smoothies don’t get digested readily. These take some time so it is not friendly when it comes to digestion.

Ice cream

Ice cream is a sweetener that is mostly consumed as a snack. As it is soft and easy to pass down through the oesophagus, people with a tongue piercing can easily consume it. 

To make ice cream milk, sugar, cocoa and liquid nitrogen is used. After lowering the temperature to freezing point all the ingredients are mixed and the preparation of ice cream takes place at this temperature. 

Ice cream becomes more malleable with the increase in temperature. Ice cream has different meanings in different regions across the world.

Ice cream contains carbohydrates so it provides immense energy. Ice cream provides immunity to the body as it is composed of milk. This strong immune system protects the body against cancer. 

A compound present in ice cream stimulates thrombopoietin. Thrombopoietin is a mood-changing hormone and helps us to overcome stress. Numerous minerals and nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin are present in ice cream. These provide many health benefits.

Along with numerous benefits, ice cream is composed of a huge amount of saturated fat. This saturated fat is not good for the heart and can lead to numerous cardiovascular diseases. Due to the blockage of blood flow in arteries, the risk of heart attack increases. 

Cholesterol level enhances with the high intake of ice cream. This high cholesterol causes several harms to the body including an increase in the risk of a heart attack. While making ice cream a lot of sugar is used. This high level of sugar causes many complications for people suffering from diabetes.


In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What can you eat with a tongue piercing?”. We have elaborated on some soft foods and liquid drinks to be used while tongue piercing along with their benefits.



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