What can you cook in a turkey fryer?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question, “What can you cook in a turkey fryer?”. Furthermore, we will elaborate on these foods along with their benefits and drawbacks.

What can you cook in a turkey fryer?

These foods can be cooked in a turkey fryer

  • Seafood boils
  • Fish fries
  • Steamed Tamales
  • Large batches of soup
  • Fried chicken
  • Onion rings

What is a turkey fryer? 

A turkey fryer is an apparatus that is basically used for deep-frying. It is an infrared, propane-powered cooking oven. To heat a large metal plate in this oven, a circular propane burner is used that is present in an enclosed chamber. The function of a turkey fryer is to radiate infrared heat at our food.

What are the foods to be cooked in a turkey fryer?

Fish fries 

Turkey fryers are most commonly used for frying fish in the South, hence also called fish fryers. 

To fry fish in a turkey fryer, you need to heat oil to 375℉. Add the filets to the oil and deep fry in sets for approximately 2 to 3 mins or until they turn golden brown. Remove the oil using paper towels.

Seafood boils

Seafood boils is a broader term. It includes shrimps, lobsters, sausages, and potatoes. There are four types of seafood boils which include Texas Crawfish boil, Florida shrimp boil, Great lakes whitefish boil, and Louisiana seafood boil.

Turkey fryer can be used for boiling as well as frying. A turkey fryer is perfect for seafood boils. Just add the seafood, fix the steamer basket, and you are good to go.

How to make seafood boils?

Seafood boils can be made in four steps which are as follows.

  • After filling half the pot with water, it is boiled. Then salt, shellfish boil, sausage, and potatoes are added to this boiled water. Then this mixture is cooked for some minutes.
  • Corn, lemon, and hot peppers are stirred in this mixture. Then we will boil this mixture until vegetables are tender.
  • After turning off the heat, shrimp and crabs are mixed. For fifteen minutes the pot is covered. After fifteen minutes the shrimp become pink and the crabmeat turns flaky and opaque. Then it is ready to eat.

Fried chicken

Turkey fryers can cook whole birds in quite some time and thoroughly with very little inconvenience.

You can have crunchy and flavorful chicken skin with moist and tender meat in just 6-8 mins- needed for each pound of meat.

A fried dish is composed of chicken pieces. These chicken pieces are coated with seasoned flour before deep-frying them. To enhance the crispiness of chicken pieces, beading is done to the exterior of these pieces.

Variants: The variants of fried chicken are as follows.

  • Barberton chicken
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Chicken Maryland
  • Hot chicken
  • Popcorn chicken

Fun fact: Using a turkey fryer, you can prepare and enjoy eating your favorite chicken recipe in no time while obtaining a sufficient amount of protein from chicken that helps to maintain the strength of bones. Eating fried chicken also releases stress releasing hormones like serotonin. 


A turkey fryer is typically a large-size stockpot, so it is perfect for tons of chili or soup. 

Soup is a liquid food that is served while it is hot. For the preparation of soups, ingredients including meat, vegetables, milk, and water are combined. In hot soups, solid ingredients are boiled in a liquid in a pot until their flavor is fully extracted. Thus a broth is formed.

Types: Different types of soups you can make in a turkey fryer are as follows:

  • Cold soup: The temperature of cold soups is kept low as compared to other soups. This type of soup is mostly served during summer. The taste of cold soup can be sweet or savory.
  • Asian soup: Asian soup is made only in Asian countries. This is a clear soup in which the amount of starch is high as compared to other soups.
  • Fruit soup: The preparation of fruit soups is carried out by using fruits. These kinds of soups can be served either cold or warm. Different types of fruit soup depend on the type of fruit being used.

Fun fact: Prepare your favorite soup recipe in a turkey fryer without much hassle and maintain the temperature of your body during cold winters. You also get to improve your digestion by consuming soup, helping you lose weight. 

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In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question “What can you cook in a turkey fryer?”. Furthermore, we have elaborated on these foods along with their benefits and drawbacks.