What can I use instead of Hollandaise sauce?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “what can I use instead of hollandaise sauce?” and provide you with insights on what it essentially is and how you can have a great experience without it as well.

What can I use instead of hollandaise sauce?

You can use multiple other types of sauces in place of hollandaise sauce. The alternatives include cheese sauce, bechamel sauce, mushroom sauce, avocado, bearnaise sauce, and a lot more.

Hollandaise sauce is typically used over eggs benedict, grilled asparagus with salmon, and other food types too.

It is a yellow creamy and lemony thick sauce made by double boiling and whisking egg yolks, a lot of butter, and lemon with some seasoning.

If you are not a fan of such excessive butter or even eggs or egg yolks, you can easily substitute it with other types of sauces. Those include


If you just mix avocado and lemon juice, you’ll get a great replacement for hollandaise sauce. This way you’ll get a nice creamy sauce which is good to substitute for the hollandaise in many recipes.

Avocado has a green color, buttery consistency, and a nutty taste which makes it similar. This is a healthy variation and is suitable for many recipes. 

Choron and bearnaise sauces

Research. These sauces have the same or similar ingredients as a hollandaise sauce. Both these sauces require egg yolks and other ingredients that typically do not blend very easily. 

The only difference is after the base sauce is made. For example, in choron sauce, once you have made the egg yolk and butter vinegar mixture into a thick sauce, you add a little tomato paste in it.

For bearnaise sauce, the difference is the addition of shallots and the change of butter into clarified butter and vinegar into infused vinegar.

Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce is one of the very favourite hollandaise sauce alternatives. It is very easy to make and very less likely to mess up. 

It is used in many types of dishes as a topping, a sauce, glaze or even gravy and it is made with only two key ingredients; milk and cheese.

The type of cheese you can use is entirely up to your preference and what you think would be great with the type of dish you are making.

The way to make the sauce is to put a hefty amount of cheese in a pan and let it melt. Once the cheese is starting to melt, add small increments of milk in it and keep stirring gently.

It will incorporate the cheese into the milk very nicely and give it a great consistency without much effort.

You can use mozzarella if you want a more stringy and stretchy sauce like consistency but cheddar and parmesan work the best in this case.

They don’t necessarily need constant supervision and don’t dry out the sauce by remaining intact. You can season it with anything you want once the sauce starts to thicken.


Bechamel is a creamy white sauce used with flour, butter and milk. It starts by mixing the flour into butter and making the rue and then by adding the milk to it.

It is commonly used sauce in cooking and is yet another great substitute for Hollandaise sauce. It is a French sauce that people add to various pasta and cheese recipes.

This is a sauce that provides a silky texture and rich taste, almost the same as Hollandaise sauce. It is very easy to make. 

The creamy texture makes it even more suitable. It will fit perfectly in your recipes as if you have used hollandaise sauce. 

The flour makes the consistency of the milk thicken as it is incorporated. It is relatively slightly difficult to blend together but it is a very good hollandaise alternative.

It is very rich with flavours like garlic, paprika, oregano and others. You can go as hard as you want with the seasoning.


You can replace Hollandaise sauce with gravy. It may have different components from Hollandaise sauce. However, it is suitable in many ways.

The key elements that make it suitable are the rich, savory taste and fine texture. Gravy consists of ground chicken or beef or even sausage and a roux which is very similar to Bechamel sauce. 

You can use it in many ways to replace Hollandaise sauce.

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In this brief article, we answered the question, “what can I use instead of hollandaise sauce?” and provided you with insights on what it essentially is and how you can have a great experience without it as well.


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