What can I use instead of green onions? (5 alternatives to green onions)

In this article, we will answer what can be used instead of green onions, and how to use green onions in recipes along with their health benefits.

What can I use instead of green onions?

There are plenty of replacements for green onions that are closely related to green onions in flavor and texture. Green onions or scallions belong to the Allium species. Unlike the white onions, green onions lack a fully grown bulb and have a very crisp texture. Following are herbs or vegetables that can used in place of spring onions.


Chive is a herb with long slender stalks which are dark green in color with thin bulbs. At the top of chive stalks, sit the shive blossom that is edible. The stalks taste very much like green onions and the bulb part has a onion like fllavor with a farlicky hint to it. It is inexpensive and is used fresh and raw to top steak or soup or can be added in baked potatoes, chive butter, omlette etc. They are not as crisp as green onions and wither if cooked too long.


Leeks taste a lot like onions but milder and look a lot like green onions but thicker. The stem is a thick cylinder that opens up into a bundle of leaves. The white base and the dark green leafy top is usually removed, the middle light green part can be used as an alternative to green onions in pastas, sauces and soups. The dark green leafy part is crisp and firm and can add a lot of oniony flavor to your stews.


Ramps are often referred to as wild leeks or wild garlic and as the name suggests, ramps have a very pronounced onion and garlicky flavor. Ramps have broader leaves than leeks and is a good substitute for green onions in scrambled eggs, pickles, soups etc. Ramps are known for their medicinal properties.


Shallots taste like an amalgam of garlic and onion with a hint of garlic. These look a lot like onions and just like them, induce tears when cut. Shallots can be substituted for green onions in recipes that involves cooking to make it milder in taste.


White, red, yellow and sweet onions can be substituted for green onions if used sparingly because they have a pungent flavor.

The shelf-life of green onions

If stored correctly, spring onions can will preserve their freshness for about 1-2 weeks at 4°C or below.keep it stored in the crisper drawer of the fridge. When kept in freezer, they will stay fresh for months or 1 year. 

Health benefits of green onions

Full of fibre

Green onions provide about 10% of the RDI of fibre that keeps you full for longer, reduces cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases. Fibre also helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

Anti-cancerous peoperties

Allicin present in scallions have been found to possess anti-cancerous properties.

Anti-microbial properties

Extract of green onions has anti-microbial properties and is well known for its medicinal properties

Rich in anti-oxidants

Fresh scallions are rich in antioxidants like flavanoids and polyphenols. They protect cells from oxidative damage and reduce the risk of many diseases.

Regulates blood sugar levels

The sulphur present in scallions controls the blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin production and is a good dietary choice for diabetes patients.

Good for eyesight

Scallions are rich in carotenoids and vitamin A, that helps promote good eyesight.

Rich in vitamin C

Green onions are an excellent source of vitamin C which is responsible for skin, bone and immune health. It also improves iron absorption.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Quercitin present in spring onions has anti-inflammatory functions and prevents blood clotting, thereby, playing an important role for a healthy heart.

Bone health

According to various studies, scallions have been linked to keeping the bones healthy by boosting bone mineral density.

How to use green onions in recipes?

  • Serve lightly sauted 4 inch green onion stalks with grilled strips of meat and your favorite vegetable.
  • Make ginger scallion soup or add in your bowl of ramen noodles. Mix udon noodles with kimchi and garnish with finely chopped green onions.
  • Cook whole spring onions in the oven. Add ginger and chile to enhance flavor.
  • Make pasta with smoked scallion sauce or top pork chops with this sauce.
  • Add it to your curries. Make thai style coconut curry with sauted scallions.
  • Make haitian seasoning base. Season rice and meat with this seasoning to make haitian cuisine.
  • Season your steak  with charred scallion sauce


In this article, we answered what can be used instead of green onions, and how to use green onions in recipes along with their health benefits.



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