What can i use instead of a 7×11 pan

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “What can I use instead of a 7×11 pan?” and answer other related questions like “What are the best substitutes that can replace a 7×11 pan?”

What can I use instead of a 7×11 pan?

‘You can use many different pans instead of a 7×11 pan. Every pan has a fixed dimension, shape, size, etcetera. 7X11 is a widely utilized pan in most household kitchens. However, in the case of non-availability, there are many other pans that can be used as substitutes such as round pans, square pans, other sizes of rectangular pans, springform pans, Bundt pans and jelly roll pans.

10X2 Round Pan

The major advantage of using a round pan is, no major change to the recipe would be required. This makes it easier to prepare the dishes without any kind of difficulty while baking or cooking.

Dishes such as Cinnamon Swirl, Quick Bread, Basic Homemade Bread, Makeover Lemon Pound Cake, Cheese Batter Bread, Double-Berry Quick Bread, etcetera or any other deliciously savored dish can be easily baked using round pans.

The dishes will still maintain and retain the same level of delightful taste. Apart from the shape of the pan, the quantity of the dish and the composition of the ingredients can be kept the same.   

9X2 Rectangular Pan

A 9X2 pan can also be used as a suitable substitute for a 7×11 pan. This makes preparing any dish a much faster process. The food can be cut into squares. It is also easier to serve especially when baking for a larger crowd. Its lightweight and compact size make it easier to maneuver, into and out of the oven. This is a very commonly preferred alternative to a 7X11 pan.

Since both of them have the same shape, it makes using a 9X2 pan a more sensible alternative. Only a few changes to the compositions of the ingredients would be required.


9X2.5 Springform Pan

One can bake a regular dish in this pan the same way as with a 7X11 pan. Just like a tart pan, a springform pan makes for a beautiful and trendy presentation too. Springform pans are great for making dishes such as cheesecakes, tarts, pies and even frozen desserts.

The pan has a very kitchen-friendly benefit too i.e., this pan can be disassembled for easy removal of the dish once it is fully prepared.

10X3 Bundt Pan

A Bundt pan is a good substitute for a 7X11 pan that has decorative sides and tops. This is a key difference. The variety ranges from ridges to fruit, or other still life outlines.

For preparing dishes such as pound cake and other dense moist cakes such as coffee cakes, it is a handy alternative to a 7X11 pan.

The Bundt pan allows more of the cake to be in contact with the edges of the pan. This allows the heat to be transferred more evenly.

Dishes such as pound cake where the batter has a lot more moisture than a standard cake batter as a result of all the butter, milk and eggs; the extra moisture, increases the cooking time and requires a lower temperature.

10X15 Jelly Roll Pan 

A jelly roll pan is a perfect option for making cake rolls. It is also a very good option when looking for a roasting type pan. Specifically, for preparing roasted veggies and more similar dishes. A jelly roll pan is a type of flat sheet pan. It has a 1-inch rim around the sides. It is designed to make dishes such as a thin sponge or sheet cakes.
Coating with creme, jelly, or other fillings and rolling the cake into a cylindrical-shapes is also convenient. As the name suggests, such a pan is also a good option when preparing starters.

What is a 7X11 pan?

7X11 is a rectangular pan. It is used to bake/cook dishes that call for the use of pans. It is utilized in the same way as other pans and serves the same purposes.

As compared to other variants of pans, it is most commonly preferred and used. It also occupies less kitchen space and at the same time helps in preparing the right quantity of dishes and avoiding excessive wastage of food.

Baked mushroom chicken, sensational spiced salmon etcetera, are a few of the dishes which are prepared using a 7X1 pan.


 In this brief guide, we addressed the query, “What can I use instead of a 7×11 pan?” and answered other related questions like “What are the best substitutes that can replace a 7×11 pan?”



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