What can I use in place of a Dutch oven?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What can I use in place of a Dutch oven?”. We will elaborate on different alternatives to the Dutch oven, and how we can use them.

What can I use in place of a Dutch oven? 

You can use the following things in place of the dutch oven:

  • Slower Cooker (for almost similar results)
  • Stockpot
  • Instant pot (The wonder dish)
  • Clay Pot
  • Braiser
  • Metal Pot (with some tweaks)
  • Casserole Dish (a fair alternative)
  • Ceramic pot (handle with care)
  • French Oven (Enameled iron)

Slower Cooker (for almost similar results)

A slow cooker is the best alternative tool for Dutch ovens because both these kitchen tools work on the same principle. You could adjust the parameter of the slow cooker according to the requirements of the food recipe. The slow cooker will also enable you to cook quickly just like a Dutch oven by adjusting the slow cooker to a high cook if you are in a hurry.

Dutch ovens are slow cookers. If you want to relish the process then keep a slow cooker for double the time of cooking at a low setting of temperature.

A slow cooker has the benefit of keeping your food warm for a long time after cooking just like the Dutch oven. The only drawback of the slow cooker is that you are not able to brown the meat without simmering it in a sauce. So, use a cast-iron skillet for browning the meat and then move it into the slow cooker for the end product.


Stockpot could also be used as a good alternative for Dutch oven but usually, stockpot has a tight lid and heavy bottom. The food could be seared and sautéed in a stockpot at low heat then the rest of the ingredients could be added.

Just a caveat: you should cook in low heat and check the level of liquid at regular intervals.

Instant pot (The wonder dish)

Instant pot is a recent invention and has become the most loving tool of passionate cooks. Instant pots can handle more recipes just like the Dutch oven than all other alternatives of the Dutch oven.

Higher steam is produced in the instant pot and you could cook stews, risotto to braised meat faster approximately at the rate of 30 per cent.

Clay Pot 

The clay pot resembles the Dutch oven because they both have a cone and a lid which after collecting steam in the pot cook and condense the recipes. This process of collecting steam makes the dish highly nutritious and moist and known as self-basting.


Braiser is a good substituted tool for Dutch oven which could be used in place of Dutch oven but with a minor tweak. The size and heights of the braiser vary. So, you opt for your recipe depending upon the size of the braiser.

Metal Pot (with some tweaks)

Metal pot could also be used as a good alternative to the Dutch oven but to use it ideally you should read the instructions of metal pot firstly. The best method to use the metal pot is not to heat the pan before heat because it could not distribute the heat evenly in the pot.

The bottom of the pan with high heat can burn the food. So, low heat is recommended to use for metal pan because it becomes hot quickly as compared to Dutch oven.

Casserole Dish (a fair alternative)

The casserole dish works just like the Dutch oven but for better results, you should choose the casserole dish that is deep enough to hold more food with a tight-fit lid. Casserole dish has a composition that could not be directly exposed to heat.

Ceramic pot (handle with care)

You can use the ceramic pot in place of the Dutch oven and ceramic pots are also safe to place in the oven. They are easy to use and clean with a dishwasher. Ceramic pots are also non-stick. The best thing about the ceramic pot is you can serve it right after cooking, you could place it in the center of the dining table.

What is a Dutch oven?

A Dutch oven can do almost anything since it is safe for both oven and stove top, so you can initiate your recipes on a burner and complete cooking them in the oven. 

A dutch oven is created from enameled cast iron or ceramic, so it can be used at a higher temperature. Also, it holds heat well, hence maintaining the perfect simmer for an all-day braise or work to keep the food warm for longer after it gets out of the oven. 

You can use a Dutch oven for practically everything; from braising meats, soups and sauces, casseroles, frying food, and also baking bread or cookies. 


In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “What can I use in place of a Dutch oven?”. We have elaborated on different alternatives to the Dutch oven, and how we can use them.



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