What can I use as a substitute for gruyere cheese?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “What can we use as a substitute for gruyere cheese?” with in depth analysis of these substitutes.

What can I use as a substitute for gruyere cheese?

You can substitute gruyere cheese by using different cheese based on different conditions.In general, when we look for an alternative for gruyere cheese, we look for something with similar physical properties like smell, firmness, and taste.

A person who is familiar with gruyere cheese can easily identify it by a single whiff of its earthly scent or its nuttiness or its semi-firm nature.

7 amazing substitutes for gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is known to add a finger licking taste to your favorite dishes but if you run out of gruyere cheese and cannot afford to go to market and buy some more of it, there is no need to worry as we got your back.

Read on this complete article to know some surprising alternatives to gruyere cheese that may help you out if the cheese is not available at hand.

Kerry gold Irish Dubliner

Kerry gold Irish Dubliner is known to have a similar nutty texture as gruyere and has a distinct flavor. It is an Irish cheese and takes 12 months to mature. It is slightly sweet. It is also called the smoother version of gruyere.

It is easily available in America. As it has the ability to melt easily, it can be used as a substitute for Gruyere cheese in the dishes which are baked.

Comte cheese

Comte cheese is a French cheese. It is semi-firm and has a similar taste to gruyere with a creamy texture. It also has the property of melting easily. Combo cheese is also called the French twin of gruyere. It is made from unpasteurized cow milk and takes several months to mature.

It is best to be used as an alternative to gruyere cheese in French onion soup or Croque monsieur (these both are traditional French recipes) due to its mildly sweet taste.

Some people also consider that it is closest to gruyere cheese, just a slight difference in flavor.

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Is cheese acidic or basic?

Swiss Emmental AOP

Swiss Emmental AOP is commonly known as Swiss cheese. It has a mild flavor. The bacteria used for the maturation of gruyere cheese are also used for the maturation of this cheese.

 It melts as quickly as gruyere, because of this property Emmental cheese can be used as a substitute for gruyere cheese in the recipe which requires melting.

However, this cheese does not give the same taste as gruyere. It is recommended to be used in French onion soup.

Jarlsberg cheese

This cheese was first produced in Norway. Now it is also produced in the U.S and Ireland with a license from Norway. It is mild-flavored cheese and is created from cow milk. It has a buttery texture with a sweet and nutty flavor. These properties mildly resemble gruyere.

It can be used as a substitute for gruyere, but it gives less flavorful dishes. It is to be kept in mind that Jarlsberg is coated with wax. Jarlsberg has a creamier texture than gruyere so the recipe should be altered according to that.

Appenzeller cheese

It is produced in the small Swiss canton of Appenzell which is a small self-governing village state. It is famous for the best Swiss cheese that is made up of seven hundred years old recipes. It comes in three ranges which are:

·         Mild

·         Sharp

·         Extra sharp

Just like gruyere, the mild cheese is matured for three to four months. The sharp flavor is matured for four to six months, and the extra sharp flavor is stored for more than six months. Wine or cider is used for the preservation of cheese and to help with the formation of a rind.

This wine or cider gives it a strong flavor. It is suggested to be used as the alternative to gruyere in recipes that require strong flavor.


Fontina is an Italian cheese that is known to have a velvety and firm texture. It melts nicely when heated. It is usually paired with Mozzarella di bufala.  It can melt easily that is the reason why it is recommended as a substitute for gruyere.


Abondance is semi-hard fragrant raw milk cheese. It is produced in France. Its name comes from a small commune known as abondance. It can also melt easily. It is suggested to be used as a substitute for gruyere.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “What can we use as a substitute for gruyere cheese?” with in depth analysis of these substitutes.



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