What can I substitute for oregano?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “what can I substitute for oregano?” with an in-depth analysis of oregano and some of the possible substitutes of oregano along with their advantages and disadvantages.

What can I substitute for oregano?

We can have several substitutes as a one-to-one replacement for oregano. These substitutes include basil leaves, thyme, marjoram, Italian seasoning, parsley, Tarragon, Dill, and sage.

What is oregano?

Oregano is a type of herb with purple flowers and olive-green leaves. This is used in flavouring the food. Its addition in food products consisting of an adequate amount is termed as safe but not much effective for better health. 

Oregano is mostly used against parasite infection, for any wound healing case or maybe for some other conditions. Oregano is a naturally occurring herb that can help the body to boost its immune levels by fighting against some of the microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. 

Oregano also consists of some chemicals which help in digestion and these chemicals also play a vital role in cough reduction. 

Substitutes of oregano

Some of the possible substitutes for oregano are as following,


Basil is considered one of the best substitutes for oregano. Basil leaves can be used in fresh or dried form. Fresh or dried basil leaves are used equally in quantity just like oregano fresh or dried leaves.

Basil consists of a distinctly Italian vibe, which is quite similar to oregano. To substitute for fresh oregano and Thyme which is another substitute is a much better option.


Thyme is another substitute for oregano, but thyme has good results if we use it in fresh form. Fresh oregano and thyme leaves are almost similar in appearance and also have quite similar tastes and flavours. It can be a good substitute if we use it after garnishing. Dried thyme is avoided to use in place of dried oregano because in dried form it has a strong taste and flavour.

Italian seasoning

Oregano is also a part of Italian seasoning, which can be used as a good alternative to oregano, but only in a very small quantity that may be equal to a pinch. This is mostly referred to in the case of styling Italian dishes.


Marjoram is also a one-to-one replacement of oregano. The flavour of both oregano and marjoram are quite similar. In Mexican dishes, dried marjoram is a good alteration of dried oregano. A marjoram is a form of herb which is not easily available, it is found rare.


If we use oregano in those dishes which are tomato-based. In those dishes, oregano can be replaced with parsley. It has a unique taste because of its mild taste and solid smell.

It can also change the flavour of dishes depending upon their strong flavour and taste. If oregano is a key ingredient of the recipe then parsley can be used as an alternative compound of oregano.


Tarragon is a good substitute that provides a dynamic kick to the mixture, but this dynamic change occurs only if we use it in good content.

Tarragon works better especially for two kinds of recipes, One with its bittersweet taste, where it can highlight the bitterness of the recipe of its original component.


This substitute has a grassy flavour. It has a little bit of bitterness that is a magnificent alteration of oregano. Oregano is famous due to its strong taste and flavour, but dill has a more solid impact than oregano. The content of the dill should be adjusted according to your taste to avoid an overwhelming taste and taste.


Sage is a herb that has a bittersweet taste and also has citrus qualities. Its taste is also solid when it is available in fresh form. To make it a good recipe by using this alternative of oregano, firstly make sure about the right content.


If dried oregano is not available or if you want to use fresh components in your recipe, then rosemary is a good option as an alteration. Both rosemary and oregano are used in the same amount in any recipe.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is also one of the good substitutes which are used in cooking. This herb can be used in any form such as in dried, ground, or whole. Bay leaves can also be added in those recipes which are slow-cooked which may be sauces, stews, and soups.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “what can I substitute for oregano?” with an in-depth analysis of oregano and some of the possible substitutes of oregano along with their advantages and disadvantages.



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