What can I substitute for Nutriwhip?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What can I substitute for Nutriwhip?” with an in-depth analysis of the Nutriwhip, what are its uses, and what are the possible substituted products of Nutriwhip along with their uses.

What can I substitute for Nutriwhip?

We can have many different substituted products for Nutriwhip. These may include butter and milk, oil and dairy-free milk, full-fat coconut cream, evaporated milk, brown rice and low-fat milk, cashew cream, pureed tofu, and white beans.


Nutriwhip is a heavy cream product. It is one of the most popular dairy products which adds flavour and taste to many dishes such as desserts, soups, and casseroles. 

Some people are sensitive to Nutriwhip due to its heavy cream nature that might become the reason for some allergic reactions. So, they prefer to use substituted products of Nutriwhip to avoid such issues.

Reason to use the substituted products of Nutriwhip

In a very small amount, heavy cream can be replaced by a mixture of butter and milk. Some of the reasons to use substituted products include lactose intolerance in some people. So, they prefer to take non-dairy products as a substitute for Nutriwhip where lactose is absent.

Nutriwhip is heavy in saturated fat, which increases the weight. So, in those people who prefer to take a diet with fewer calories, they also go for substituted products of Nutriwhip.

Also, some people are not capable of consuming a high-cholesterol diet or dairy products, they also go for substituted products of Nutriwhip such as coconut cream, butter, and pureed tofu.

Substitutes of Nutriwhip

Here, we will discuss the substituted products of Nutriwhip:

Butter and milk

Heavy cream or Nutriwhip contains a high content of fat as compared to milk. So, a mixed product of milk and butter can act as a perfect replacement for Nutriwhip in many recipes. When you are preparing a recipe, and Nutriwhip is out of hand, then you can go for the following substituted products:

  • A mixture of products that contains one-quarter cup butter, that butter should be melted and unsalted with three-quarters of a cup of milk.

This product will not work as a Nutriwhip or whipped cream but it will be a good replacement in some recipes of baking products or sauces which are being prepared by using cream.

Oil and dairy-free milk

Oil and dairy-free milk mixture will be a good substitute for Nutriwhip. We can prepare a mixture of these contents as a perfect alternating product of Nutriwhip by using the following recipe:

  • Take soy or rice milk with a measurement having a two-third cup quantity, and mix well with one-third cup of olive oil, which should be extra light, or margarine which should be in melted form and should also be a dairy-free product.

The mixture of these substituted products will not form a whip-like whip of heavy cream or Nutriwhip, but it can be used by chefs in many dishes to check out which product works best for their recipe.

Full-fat coconut cream

Full-fat coconut cream is another alternative product for Nutriwhip. Full-fat coconut cream has a similar texture to Nutriwhip as both these have a creamy texture. Full-fat coconut cream can also be whipped in the same way as the heavy cream is being whipped. So, the consistency of both these products is also almost similar. 

For a perfect whipped full-fat coconut cream, follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, take the can of coconut cream with full fat and chill it fully in the fridge until the desired form or it can be kept overnight.
  • Then open the can, just use the solid portion of cream while discarding all the other liquid portions.
  • Use a chilled bowl, where you place the scoop of cream and blend it well with a blender or handheld mixer.

Full-fat coconut cream can be used as a perfect substituted product for Nutriwhip in most dessert recipes. But this full-fat coconut cream has its taste due to which it can’t be used in all the recipes. 

Full-fat coconut cream is mostly in those savoury dishes or sweet recipe products where full-fat coconut milk is required.

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is creamier and thicker as compared to regular milk. People who wish for a healthier substituted product for Nutriwhip can go for evaporated milk. Evaporated milk contains more calories and also a good content of saturated fat as compared to other products. So, evaporated milk is a healthier substitute in recipes for Nutriwhip. 

Evaporated milk consists of 338 calories on each cup of milk in comparison heavy cream consists of 809 calories per cup.

Evaporated milk can not form a whip.

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What can I substitute for Nutriwhip?


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What can I substitute for Nutriwhip?” with an in-depth analysis of the Nutriwhip, what are its uses, and what are the possible substituted products of Nutriwhip along with their uses.




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