What can I substitute for milk in mac n cheese?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What can I substitute for milk in mac n cheese?” with an in-depth analysis of the role of milk in mac n cheese, how it can be used, and what possible substitutes of milk are in mac n cheese.

What can I substitute for milk in mac n cheese?

We can have a variety of substitutes for milk in mac n cheese including plain yoghurt, sour cream, water, cream cheese, heavy cream, almond milk, powdered milk, evaporated milk, cashew milk, chicken broth, coconut milk, soy milk, hemp seed milk, rice milk, and goat milk.

Milk in mac and cheese

The addition of milk in mac n cheese makes the recipe more delightful and makes it more enriched with cream. Mac and cheese is an addition in the recipes which consists of a melted, creamy sauce of string cheese.

Different substitutes for milk in mac n cheese

Plain yoghurt

Plain yoghurt is considered one of the best alternatives for milk in mac n cheese. It is even more effective in making dishes enriched with more cream than milk. 

Yoghurt addition in the recipe is always done on a low heat setting and it is always said to add yoghurt slowly in the cooking meal. To replace the milk in mac n cheese, equal amounts of both yoghurt and milk can be replaced as in one ratio one content.

But if we treat the yoghurt at high heat, then yoghurt content could get separated and that will create a mess in food in the form of lumps or watery content. To make a good meal, it is recommended to heat the yoghurt firstly just before adding it into the mixture. This step will help us from facing any potential issue that can create a mess.

Greek yoghurt in place of plain yoghurt will result in making food extra creamy because Greek yoghurt consists of high protein content.

Sour cream

Sour cream can be used as a good substitute for milk in mac n cheese. This makes the texture of the recipe more creamy due to the high thickness of sour cream as compared to milk. This thickness can be noticed easily by stirring the spoon in cooking pasta and cheese while adding sour cream into the recipe.

If you do not like more thickness in the pasta, then this effect can be reduced by adding a little quantity of water in sour cream, this will help to break down the thickness of sour cream.

Sour cream will change the taste of the recipe according to its content and ingredients, this substitute is mostly recommended for those who like to eat food with tangy flavour. 

Sour cream turns the taste a little bit bitter in the recipes. If for the time you like the tangy flavour of recipes by adding sour cream as a substitute for milk in mac n cheese then definitely you’ll go for sour cream again in place of milk or it might be possible to prefer a little quantity of milk with the addition of sour cream in it.

Greek yoghurt and sour cream are almost similar, they work quite as a perfect alternate of each other due to their similar consistency level.


Water can also be used in place of milk in mac and cheese. Although, it does not work the same as other substitutes can do in the matter of taste or flavouring the food. As water has no fats. So, it is not liked by people for most palates.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a good alternation of milk in mac n cheese because it tends to maintain the flavour of mac and cheese in its traditional aspects. Cream cheese has a mild taste which does not interpret the taste of recipes. But its addition can make the food more creamy and cheesy.

If you like the sauce more creamy then go for cream cheese otherwise for a thinner creamy cause many other alternatives are available. The basic difference between milk and its substitute’s creamy cheese is the texture of the sauce. 

Cream cheese is high in fat content but the content of protein is low. The best method of adding cream cheese is to start pouring in a small amount then gradually make it high until you get the consistency level of your own choice.

Heavy cream

Heavy cream is also a good substitute for milk in mac cheese. If you are going to try a recipe of pasta or something related to it but milk is out of hand and heavy cream is available easily then it can be used in place of milk. Because it will enhance the consistency level of the recipe.

Heavy cream can increase the consistency, but if you added more cream greater than the requirement then water can be added to reduce the consistency level.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What can I substitute for milk in mac n cheese?” with an in-depth analysis of the possible substitutes of milk in mac n cheese.



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