What can I substitute for anaheim peppers?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question,”What can I substitute for anaheim peppers?”, and discuss what anaheim peppers are, and describe in brief some of the substitutes for anaheim peppers.

What can I substitute for anaheim peppers?

Chilaca peppers, jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, bell peppers, fresno peppers, poblano peppers, hungarian wax peppers and guajillo peppers can be substituted for anaheim peppers.  

Bell peppers

Bell peppers have a pleasant taste and are rich in nutrition, and are a good alternative to anaheim when heat is not required. They are also easily available making it an affordable choice to be used instead of anaheim. They have low calories, and high in vitamin C and come in red, yellow, green and orange colours.

Poblano peppers 

From the name itself, poblano peppers originated in puebla, Mexico and are quite common and popular in Mexico. They have moderate heat levels and are therefore mildly spicy. 

When raw and unripe, they have a dark green colour, and become dark brown or red when they ripe. Poblano peppers have a thicker skin making it ideal for stuffing and are also easily roasted, fried and oven cooked or oven dried. 

Jalapeno peppers

Jalapeno peppers are also Mexican peppers, which are now grown worldwide. They have a distinct taste thus making a good substitute for anaheim peppers. They also have low heat levels and are mildly spicy. Jalapeno peppers when green have a hot taste, but when cooked become sweet and less spicy. 

Nevertheless, the spicy sweet taste adds a rich flavour to dishes. They can also be taken with lemonades

Hungarian wax peppers

Hungarian wax peppers are hotter and therefore spicier with a higher heat level than anaheim peppers. Thus, they may only be consumed by people who have a high tolerance to heat.

Serrano peppers

They have the same smoky flavour as anaheim, but are way spicier. They are used for salsa or can be roasted or seasoned. 

Fresno peppers

Fresno peppers have some similarities to jalapeno peppers. They are very spicy, with a fruity and a sweet taste at the same time. 

Guajillo peppers

They have a smoky, fruity and a sweet taste which are similar properties to the serrano peppers, but all these qualities may be way different at the same time. Guajillo peppers can be used for roasting and stuffing.

Chillaca peppers

The heat levels of Chilaca peppers is similar to that of the anaheim peppers. It also has an earthy sweet flavour and is used fto roast, grill and bake as an alternative to anaheim. 

Cubanelle peppers

Cubanelle peppers have a sweet taste with mild heat levels, and are ideal for the purpose of frying and roasting. 

Shishito peppers

Shishito peppers originate from East Asia, and are mild hot and spicier than bell peppers. Shishito peppers are also suitable for the purpose of frying and grilling.

Other than the substitutes mentioned above, canned green chillies can be a good alternative to anaheim peppers. But precaution needs to be taken, as canned foods contain a lot of sodium for preservation purposes, which can have adverse effects and is potentially risky for patients with heart diseases and chronic kidney diseases. 

What are anaheim peppers?

Anaheim peppers are a type of chillies having a length of about 6 inches and a green colour. With medium hot heat levels. They can be roasted, dried or canned. The ripening of the green anaheim peppers makes the colour turn to red, and when driedm the colour is converted from red to a dark burgundy. 

Canned anaheim peppers are labelled as green chilies, and they complement well with dishes that consist of eggs, stews and dishes that consist of vegetables. 

Anaheim peppers have a tough skin and have to be charred or blistered on a hot skillet or comal. The tough skin makes it ideal for stuffing purposes in the preparation of dishes and are popularly used to make Chilli pisado. 

The making of pisado includes charring and peeling the anaheim chillies, drying, turning them black and shrivelling them and later stuffing them in dishes. 


In this brief article, we answered the question,”What can I substitute for anaheim peppers?”, and discussed what anaheim peppers are, and described in brief some of the substitutes for anaheim peppers.



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