What can I substitute for a kitchen bouquet?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What can I substitute for a kitchen bouquet?” with an in-depth analysis of the kitchen bouquet, what are the ingredients present in the kitchen bouquet, and how we can use it.

Read on to know about the possible substitutes for kitchen bouquets. 

What can I substitute for a kitchen bouquet?

We can have various substitutes for kitchen bouquets including dark soy sauce, Bragg liquid aminos, Maggi liquid seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, and DIY browning sauce. 

When the original product is out of hand while we are making recipes that require kitchen bouquets, then we can use these substituted products.

Kitchen Bouquet

The kitchen bouquet is basically considered a sauce that is used for seasoning and browning the recipes. Its key ingredient is caramel with vegetable flavouring products. It has been used by chefs for a long time, approximately since 1873. The major use of this product is to flavour the recipes. it is also a good addition to the gravy of recipes.

The kitchen bouquet is manufactured by the Hidden Valley or HV food product company. It was firstly introduced in the late 19th but the earlier 20th century. It was firstly introduced by Palisade Manufacturing company, this company is of West Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Ingredients present in kitchen bouquet

The kitchen bouquet consists of different ingredients that include sulfating agents, caramel, and sodium benzoate, the vegetable base which further includes carrots, onion, water, celery, parsnips, turnips, spices, parsley, and salt. 

It is not only used by chefs in the recipes for flavouring purposes but also used for a good presentation of recipes and to enhance the appearance of recipes by food stylists. 

The kitchen bouquet has a mild savoury flavour with a hint of vegetables, herbs, and spices. It is also low in sodium and free of gluten, making it perfect for people with gluten intolerance.

Substitutes for kitchen bouquet

If you don’t have a kitchen bouquet in your pantry then we can use its possible substituted products. Some of the substituted products are as follows:

Dark Soy sauce

Dark soy sauce is a good substitute for kitchen bouquets. It is a browning agent similar to the kitchen bouquet. It is the best alternative source because it somehow approaches giving the deep brown colour to the dish. 

Dark soy sauce has a dark brown colour which is good enough to make brown gravy in colour rather than keeping the gravy in a pale or greyish colour.

Bragg Liquid Aminos

This is also one of the good substituted products which can be used in place of kitchen bouquets. This brand produces products which do not base on GMOs, which is the major reason for ruling this brand over household products for many years.

Liquid aminos are quite similar to soy sauce. Bragg liquid aminos are formed from soybeans which make it a perfect alternate for kitchen bouquets in many recipes like in savoury dishes. 

It also has a dark colour which makes it possible to gain the colour of your recipe for which colour the recipe calls for. Bragg liquid aminos are saltier as compared to the original product named kitchen bouquet.

Maggi liquid seasoning

Maggi liquid seasoning is another substituted product for kitchen bouquets. This Maggi liquid seasoning is majorly known due to its taste, it gives a special taste “umami taste”. It is also one of the perfect alternatives for the kitchen bouquet due to its appearance because these both have almost similar presenting colours. 

Due to the umami flavour and seasoning, it is rich in flavour which is a good combination of sweet, savoury, and with a little bit spicy taste.

If you are looking for these flavours, then Maggi liquid seasoning is a good choice to grab.

Worcestershire sauce

It is another substituted product that is also enriched with umami taste and flavour. This is a perfect match for those recipes which are demanding tasty seasoning. This substituted product of kitchen bouquet can make or break the dish content because it has the property of thickening the recipes. 

Firstly, make sure that it will work for the recipes, for you can use a little bit of content of recipes where we can make an experiment with Worcestershire sauce.

DIY browning sauce

It is one of the easiest alternative products for kitchen bouquets in which we require sugar and water. Simply melt the sugar and make it brown then add the required content of water. Then add this mixture in broth until you get your desired consistency with a minimal taste.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What can I substitute for a kitchen bouquet?” with an in-depth analysis of the kitchen bouquet, what are the ingredients present in the kitchen bouquet, how we can use it and what are the possible substitutes for kitchen bouquets. 



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