What brand of mozzarella is best?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What brand of mozzarella is best? We will teach you how to choose good mozzarella, which type of mozzarella goes with which type of dish, and how to consume fresh raw mozzarella. 

What brand of mozzarella is best?

One of the best mozzarella types is considered to be the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. It’s the best, it’s authentic mozzarella with a designation of origin. It has the original taste of mozzarella. 

Other mozzarella brands worth mentioning are the Galbani di latte di bufala mozzarella – it tastes rather good. It does not have the quality of controlled origin mozzarellas, but it is one of the good mozzarellas in the supermarket.

And the Sabelli mozzarella. It is not bad, but we are going downmarket. It is made from cow’s milk, it has less taste. 

How to choose good Mozzarella?

Mozzarella has lots of “cousins”, like Burrata for example, which is a kind of Mozzarella that is very creamy inside. Or the Scamorza, which is a mature Mozzarella, like any other cheese.

But it’s not all buffalo milk Mozzarella. There is also the Mozzarella Fior Di Latte, which is made from cow’s milk. So which Mozzarella to choose? It all depends on the type of dish you want to make!

Which mozzarella to choose for which dish?

 For hot preparations such as lasagna, Italian pasta, or pizza, Italians prefer Mozzarella Fior Di Latte, the one made from cow’s milk. It holds up better in cooking than Mozzarella Di Buffala, which contains more water and holds less in cooking. The Fior Di Latte is also perfect for making fried Mozzarella.

We will choose Buffalo Mozzarella for any cold preparation. Whether for a salad or simply to enjoy it as is. For the whole fresh tasting, we recommend to accompany it with a good Italian charcuterie of your choice. But also cherry tomatoes and a dash of olive oil with truffles, for more flavor!

And to eat cheese before dessert, it is better to take Mozzarella Scamorza, which is matured for several months in cellars. It looks more like traditional cheeses, will be easier to enjoy on a piece of bread, and will sit well on cheese platters.

The best Mozzarella must be PDO certified

 How to recognize a good Mozzarella? Real Mozzarella is a PDO, a Protected Designation of Origin. This PDO comes precisely from a region called Campania, the flagship production region of Mozzarella buffalo in Italy. So to choose your Mozzarella, you must make sure that it has the PDO macaroon on its packaging.

But if you want to buy a Buffalo Mozzarella, you should also pay attention to a macaroon that you rarely see in the store: the Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana certification. It is a red and green macaroon, which certifies that the Mozzarella has been made from buffalo milk. Only these two macaroons, the PDO and the Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana, will tell you that you are in front of a real Mozzarella, with the good taste of Buffalo milk!

 To choose your Mozzarella, you also have to look at the ingredients and the appearance!

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Fresh raw mozzarella

When buying mozzarella, you also have to look at the list of ingredients. Some Mozzarella will contain citric acid or “acidity regulator,” an additive that helps speed up the fermentation process in milk. It is also found under the code E330.

The presence of this additive in the ingredients of Mozzarella is a sign of poor quality. It does not appear in the original Mozzarella recipe, where the milk requires 5 to 6 hours of standing to ferment. This is often the reason why you should avoid Mozzarella from the supermarket: citric acid is found in almost all industrial Mozzarella.

You should also pay attention to the appearance of the Mozzarella. The former it is, the fresher and better quality it is. And if it also has a sort of closing “scar” on its clearly visible scab, it is a guarantee of quality! But you have to be careful because some brands reproduce it by machine.

So take a Mozzarella that contains only milk, water, and salt! We recommend that you buy it directly from a cheese maker or an Italian grocery store. And don’t hesitate to also look at the list of ingredients at the cheese maker or the grocery store! Being a small local business doesn’t always mean selling good quality products.

Final recommendations

Our dear Italian friends say that it is best when the mozzarella is eaten at room temperature. It should therefore be taken out an hour before consuming it to warm up. 

Otherwise, the pros of Italy also advise us to immerse the mozzarella for 10/15 minutes in water at 30 degrees to be able to enjoy it at room temperature!

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