What are the Uber Eats levels? (+3 Essentials for drivers)

In this blogpost, we will discuss the various Uber Eats levels. We will also explain the different ways through which the Uber Eats delivery drivers can increase their ratings in the app. Furthermore, we will mention some of the essential items that all Uber Eats drivers need to carry with them.

What are the Uber Eats levels?

The various Uber Eats levels for the delivery drivers are Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. As the delivery driver gets more points in their gig, they will be pushed into a higher level. Each level also comes with its own rewards. This program is called Uber Pro and is meant to motivate and incentivize the delivery drivers to perform better.

How can Uber Eats drivers increase their ratings?

Uber Eats drivers can increase their ratings in this gig through a number of means. The ratings matter to the Uber Eats drivers a lot as they get various incentives with higher ratings. Some of the ways through which Uber Eats drivers can increase their ratings in this gig have been explained in the following section.

By practicing great customer service

It is very important that the Uber Eats driver practice superb customer service in their delivery gig. This is an essential step and requires the driver to be patient and courteous with the customer at all times. The Uber Eats driver can also practice great customer service by alerting the customer well ahead of time in case their order is running late.

By using a food delivery bag

A food delivery bag is insisted on or recommended by Uber Eats for its delivery drivers. However, this is not mandatory. Still, an insulated food delivery bag can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to receiving tips from the customers. This bag can be used to keep the hot foods hot and the cold foods cold for the customers, thus improving their experience greatly.

By dressing the part

Uber Eats drivers do not exactly have a uniform that they need to wear or even a dress code that they need to abide by. Nevertheless, Uber Eats drivers need to be presentable when they meet the customers as they only have one shot at making a great impression. The Uber Eats drivers can wear the Uber Eats t-shirt or even other clothes as long as they are clean and pressed.

By asking for ratings

The customer is required to provide the rating for the delivery driver. However, most customers forget to rate their drivers. Uber Eats needs to remind the customer to rate them when they are handing them the food order. This can be helpful for not only ratings but also tips as more customers are expected to tip when they give a good rating to the delivery driver.

By delivering during peak hours

The average ratings for the Uber Eats drivers are based on the number of ratings provided by the customers. This technically means that a higher number of delivery requests can bring in more ratings and thus more advantages for the delivery drivers. One way to guarantee more delivery requests for the driver is by delivering during busy hours or peak hours.

By looking out for Boost Promotions

Uber Eats comes up with Boost Promotions at regular points of time when major crowd-attracting events like ball-games are in town. During these Boost Promotions, the delivery drivers will be receiving a higher number of delivery requests, which can positively translate in the ratings. The pay rate will also be multiplied during these promotions.

Essential items for Uber Eats drivers

Uber Eats drivers need to have certain items with them that can improve their experience in this gig. These items can further improve the experience for the customer, which can reflect on the tips that the delivery driver receives. The essential items that Uber Eats drivers need to have are:

A food delivery bag

This is perhaps the most important thing that an Uber Eats driver requires. While it is certainly not mandatory for the driver, it can definitely improve the experience for the customer and also make the job pretty easy for the delivery driver. Food delivery bags also help in keeping the parcels upright and thus can be used to avoid spillage or leakage.

Sensible shoes

The Uber Eats driver should also wear sensible shoes when they are out on their gig. This is even if the delivery is being done by car or scooter or motorbike. This is even more important for those who are delivering by bicycle or on foot. Sensible shoes are not only great for the feet, but can be great for the whole body as well.

Plastic bags

Uber Eats drivers should also consider carrying plastic bags with them at all times. Some restaurants may not be so prim and proper in their packaging, and this can lead to items escaping their containers which can create a nasty mess. Plastic bags can be used to prevent leaks and spills of especially soupy and gravy-type dishes.


In this blogpost, we have discussed the various Uber Eats levels. We have also explained the different ways through which the Uber Eats delivery drivers can increase their ratings in the app. Furthermore, we have mentioned some of the essential items that all Uber Eats drivers need to carry with them.

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