What are the side effects of drinking too much green coffee?

In this short article we will provide the answer to the question: “What are the side effects of drinking too much green coffee?”. In addition, we will discuss some benefits of moderate consumption of green coffee.

What are the side effects of drinking too much green coffee?

If you drink green coffee in excess, you may experience crises of anxiety or nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, such as gastritis or ulcers. Coffee has very high levels of caffeine. Because of this, the maximum daily dose is 9 grams, and cannot exceed that number.

The drink made from green coffee is also contraindicated for those who have irritable bowel syndrome and for pregnant women. Children, especially those who are very hyperactive, should also not consume green coffee.

It is worth mentioning that green coffee in excess can cause toxicity, leading to serious degrees of nervousness and palpitations.

And when green coffee is associated with other stimulants, some side effects can arise, including insomnia, nervousness and palpitations.

Green coffee beans are most often found concentrated in capsules and are ingested with water. But they also exist in soluble or powder form.

The difference to regular coffee is that the green is stored before being roasted. Roasting is what gives the drink its brown color, characteristic aroma and flavor. Although green beans have little aroma and a slightly bitter taste, they have more benefits than roasted coffee.

What is green coffee?

Green coffee is produced from green coffee beans that do not go through the roasting process. In this way, it has 3 to 5 times more antioxidants than the traditional version of coffee, being “purer” and quite beneficial to health. 

It especially contains chlorogenic acid (a phytochemical) and twice as much caffeine compared to traditional roasted coffee. It is usually consumed ground and in capsules.

What are the properties and benefits of green coffee?

The ingestion of green coffee if carried out in a controlled and moderate way can be beneficial for your health, serving as a source of energy, helping to reduce the levels of sugar and free radicals in the blood, accelerates metabolism, has a diuretic effect and helps in the loss of weight.

Power supply

Green coffee is a source of caffeine, a nutrient that inhibits the action of the neurotransmitter adenosine, responsible for drowsiness, tiredness and fatigue. Also, green coffee combats this effect by making you more energetic throughout the day.

Decreases blood sugar levels

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid and this substance is directly linked to the reduction of glucose absorbed by the liver. This is mainly because chlorogenic acid prevents the accumulation of localized fat in this organ. 

Therefore, due to the presence of this substance, green coffee helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Thanks to this, the substance is often indicated as an aid in the treatment of people with type 2 diabetes.

Reduces free radicals present in the body

Free radicals are natural elements of the body’s own metabolism. In high amounts, they are harmful to the body as they age body tissues.

Green coffee has an antioxidant effect, because it inhibits the action of free radicals in the body. This is thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid and substances called tocopherols, which is simply another name for vitamin E. Its consumption helps to prevent premature aging and cellular wear and tear.

Accelerates metabolism

Green coffee has thermogenic action, which helps to speed up metabolism. The thermogenic action causes an increase in internal temperature causing an acceleration of metabolism. Therefore, the body starts to burn more calories, causing you to spend more energy even at rest.

Diuretic action and cosmetic benefits

Green coffee also has a diuretic action, fighting fluid retention and weight loss. Another little-known benefit of green coffee lies in its cosmetic properties. Green coffee oil is often used in cosmetics for skin and hair beauty. That’s because green coffee has moisturizing properties, it also prevents baldness.

In addition, it strengthens hair keratin giving hair more shine and resistance to breakage.

Weight loss

Green coffee aids in weight loss by mobilizing and burning fat, as well as decreasing fat storage in cells. Green coffee can also help you lose weight in a natural and healthy way. That is, it is excellent for those looking to lose weight and change their habits for a better quality of life.

In addition, for best results, it is excellent to combine green coffee with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

The bottom line

Due to the acidic content of green coffee, you may experience symptoms of stomach upset and ulcers. In addition, green coffee has a high caffeine content, so high consumption of this substance can cause irritability and anxiety.

Green coffee has numerous health benefits if consumed in moderation. In addition, the use of green coffee combined with a healthy diet and habits can make you lose weight faster and in a healthy way.


In this short article we provided the answer to the question: “What are the side effects of drinking too much green coffee?”. In addition, we discussed some benefits of moderate consumption of green coffee.



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