What are the best strawberries in the world?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what are the best strawberries in the world” with an in-depth analysis of some different varieties of strawberries present around the globe. Moreover, we are going to highlight what strawberries are and how they provide different benefits to human health.

What are the best strawberries in the world?

Some of the best strawberries in the world are Albion, Sembikiya Queen Strawberries, White Jewel Strawberry, Kotka Strawberry, Bijin-Hime Strawberry, Allstar, Alpine, Earliglow Strawberries, and  Garden.


Albion strawberry is a white-colored strawberry that has a similar taste to pineapple. The process of fertilization is cross-pollination, during which pollens from other strawberries are needed for cultivation. It is one of the most expensive varieties of strawberry, where a single strawberry sells for almost $6.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries:

This variety is a commonly consumed variety for its wonderful red color having white seeds. Due to the bright red color, these strawberries are considered the beauty of all the other strawberries. The taste and flavor are also of high quality that makes it a suitable and palatable fruit throughout the world.

White Jewel Strawberry:

These strawberries are the unique one among all the types of strawberries in that they are white as being harvested in the darkness. Due to the absence of sunlight, it becomes deprived of anthocyanin and eventually becomes white. This rare variety also has a distinctive taste, juicy flavor, and aromatic fragrance. The single strawberry costs about $10.

Kotoka Strawberry:

This is also an expensive strawberry that is grown in Japan. It is a tasty and juicy type of fruit that exhibits a sweet taste and wonderful flavor.

Bijin-Hime Strawberry:

This is a beautiful type of strawberry that is extraordinarily large, having a size equal to that of a tennis ball. The weight is also high, which is more than 100 grams per strawberry. Moreover, the taste is cherishing, the color is bright red and shiny, and the flavor is savory, all of which make it a startling and amazing fruit item.


This pale-colored strawberry is usually large in size and firm in its texture that has plenty of juice and sweetness inside. Due to the large size, they can easily be used in salads after slicing.


This variety contains strawberries with tiny and amazingly sweet strawberries that are usually available in the middle of the summer. These strawberries have a delicious flavor.

Earliglow Strawberries:

These strawberries are widely cultivated for commercial use and are produced commonly in Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions. They are usually medium-sized and the size gradually decreases as the season passes.


These are the common strawberries in the US that are larger and can withstand less supportive conditions during their growth. They are available for just a few weeks during summer.

It is worth mentioning that strawberries have thousands of qualities that make it difficult to find the best one. Strawberry is a well-known, popular, and palatable fruit that is consumed all over the world. The strawberries from different regions differ in that they are grown in different environmental conditions and belong to different breeds. Different species of strawberries have different quality traits, such as some have a great taste but smaller size and some have larger size but not sweet taste. 

The strawberries are generally in red and are of small size and are demanded products due to a wide range of health benefits.


The strawberry is a palatable and soft fruit that is red, juicy, and sweet. This fruit is considered a good source of vitamin C and manganese and also contains a moderate amount of folate and potassium.

The antioxidants are also present in very greater quantities that make it a beneficial fruit against a lot of diseases. Moreover, they can be consumed fresh as well as in the form of jams and other desserts.

Health benefits:

Strawberries, due to the presence of many bioactive components (vitamins and antioxidants), are known to be effective against a lot of adverse conditions, especially against many chronic diseases, such as heart health.

Strawberries are considered very effective against the development of adverse heart conditions through the improvement of blood antioxidant status, reduction of inflammation, maintenance of vascular functions, and regulation of blood lipid profile.

It can also be effective against the development of obesity or diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels. These fruits slow down the digestion of glucose. Moreover, this fruit also finds its effectiveness in cancer prevention through managing oxidative stress and inflammation.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “what are the best strawberries in the world” with an in-depth analysis of some best types of varieties that are well-known and popular among different regions of the world. Moreover, we discussed what strawberries are and how they are important to human health.

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