What are the best ideas for storing Nespresso coffee pods?

In this text, we will answer the query: “What are the best ideas for storing Nespresso coffee pods?”. In addition, we will discuss several ideas to organize your coffee pods.

What are the best ideas for storing Nespresso coffee pods?

A good option to store your Nespresso coffee pods is to use the drawers that are sold in office stores. Glass and acrylic jars are elegant and look charming with the colors of the capsules. Saving them as capsules in containers is a simple and practical way to always keep them on hand. 

The glasses shown on display, the color of the bottles. Simple food pots, vases or even candy canes can be reused. For the more modern ones, how about an old whaleboat, the ones they had in the little stores close to home?

Towers are good options for those who have little space, or even those looking to bring different heights to the table. And, of course, we can’t forget to use the walls. Whether to support boxes with partitions, as well as organizing boards.

For coffee lovers, the corner that accommodates machines, cups and capsules is sacred, almost a temple! And to make it even more charming, we have separated some ways to organize coffee capsules for those looking for alternatives to the traditional towers that the brands themselves sell. 

How to choose a Nespresso pod holder?

The best Nespresso capsule holders are made by the manufacturers themselves. The capsule manufacturers market their capsule holder models, which are properly designed for the dimensions of their capsules. 

But nothing prevents a model from a certain manufacturer from being used to store capsules from another brand (obviously, as long as the capsule size is compatible with the size of the compartments).

There are also models made by other companies, which further expands the range of options for you to choose from. If you have capsules of different brands/sizes, take them into account when choosing.

What are the factors you should consider when choosing your nespresso coffee pod storage?

The first item you should consider when choosing a capsule holder is to analyze the capacity of capsules that you will store. If your capsule stock is large (or if you intend to increase it), some drawer models are more recommended, as they have much greater capacity than table or wall models.

If you plan to continually expand your capsule collection, buy a model that can be stacked or modularly accommodated. But in most cases, whoever buys a capsule holder uses it for a long time. So choose right.

Another factor is the size of the capsules, as mentioned earlier. If you have capsules of different sizes, it is better that the capsule holder does not have the capsule positions defined, so you have more flexibility in organization.

The environment where you plan to accommodate this pod holder should also be considered when purchasing. Assess whether you are going to place the capsule holder on the table, inside a drawer or cupboard, attach it to the wall, or need mobility to transport it from one side to the other.

If you live in a small apartment, you will probably think of something you can hang on the wall. Those with children (or pets) may want to leave the capsule holder in a restricted access area. Think about these factors, as they will restrict your usage options and influence your choice of model.

Finally, consider that your capsule holder can be more than a capsule organizer, it can also be a decoration item. How about matching the decor of the environment? Or match the colors of your coffee maker? It could be your chance to replace something you no longer like. 

In this case, choose a model with a more sophisticated finish and that has to do with the style of your decoration.

There are several other elements that you can pay attention to when purchasing, such as ease of cleaning, ease of use, material quality and durability, etc. And of course, there has to be that ‘chemistry’. Remember these tips and make a great choice!

The bottom line

The capsule holder is important for organizing your capsule collection and preventing you from getting lost in the variety of colors and flavors. When choosing a capsule holder, it is important to consider some factors, such as the size of your inventory and the space available. In addition, there are several cool options you can make to store your capsules.

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In this text, we will answer the query: “What are the best ideas for storing Nespresso coffee pods?”. In addition, we discussed several ideas to organize your coffee pods.