What are the best beer countries?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “what are the best beer countries” with an in-depth analysis of the countries where beer is consumed and produced on large scales. Moreover, we are going to highlight what beer is and its side effects.

What are the best beer countries?

Some of the best beer countries are Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, United States, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, England, and Spain. These countries are known for their beer consumption. These countries are not only known for their beer consumption but also have efficient beer production.


Germany has almost 1300 beer factories and even conducts beer festivals. The most important features of beers are water, barley malt, and hops. The German laws are also in the favor of beer consumption as the minimum age for consuming beer in the country is 14 years.

Some of the most common beers consumed in Germany are wheat beer, toasted wheat beer, wheat beer, white beer, smoked beer, and lagers. The country is also a great exporter of beer that is producing almost 10% of the total world’s beer.


In Ireland, the estimated number of breweries was over 200 in the 1900s but now the number has decreased to about 25. Still, the people there are fond of beer and consume it at a higher rate. The most common beers sold in Ireland are pale ale and lagers.

The Czech Republic:

The beer production and consumption in this country are very high, which can be indicated through the presence of several beer brands produced originally in the country. Some of these brands are Budweiser House, Pilsner Urquell, and Staropramen. The average beer consumption is 157 liters per year.


Belgian people are also very great in beer consumption and almost more than 1500 types of beers. Belgium is famous for having traditional innovative beer-producing methods. Just like Germany, this country also can have the right to claim that they are producing the world’s best beers by looking at their brewing industry. The average beer consumption is almost 93 liters.


Romanian beers also have a remarkable position in the world and the people here mostly love liquid gold with spicy foods.

The United States:

The annual beer consumption per person is 81.6 liters in the US. The country is known for producing crafty beer and contains several good beer-producing breweries. People, there are also great lovers of alcohols other than beer but, 85% of the alcohols consumed are beers.


Poland is commonly known for consuming lagers with vodka. The country is great in both beer production and consumption.


Austria is a small country but its beer consumption is higher as compared to its size. That can be a significant fact in indicating that the country is among one of the best countries associated with beer.

The Netherlands:

The common beers in the Netherlands are Amstel and Heineken. They also have some delicious versions of craft beer.


The alcohol consumption practice on a large scale in China makes this country a great beer country. Almost 1.35 billion Chinese people are regular beer customers and the most common beer in China is rice lager.


Beer is an alcoholic beverage that can be consumed to soothe and relax your mind. Besides, it can also be used to prevent the occurrence of many diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, cancers, stone formation, and different infections.

The main working feature of beer is that it increases the level of high-density lipoproteins in your blood that can help maintain heart health. Some of the beers that contain vitamin B6 Also helps in lowering homocysteine levels, a chemical that is the risk factor for heart diseases.

It is also mainly associated with the lowering risks of type 2 diabetes and the consumption of alcoholic beverages by people with type 2 diabetes is also known to reduce the risk of occurrence of heart problems in these patients.

Side effects:

The excessive intake of every food, no matter how nutritious it is, is considered bad as it may cause toxicity in the body. The same is the case with alcohol or beer consumption. The consumption of too much beer or any other alcoholic beverage is usually not considered good as it can produce some side effects. The moderate amount suggested for beer is up to two 12oz glasses per day.

Excessive consumption can lead to some side effects, such as confusion, mood swings, difficulty in emotional control, trouble in breathing, drowsiness, seizures, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, coordination loss, hypothermia, and many others. Excessive consumption for too long can cause malnutrition, memory loss, liver failure, inflammatory diseases, etc. Therefore, one should be careful in dealing with the beer intake.

The consumption trends of beer have been changed with the advancement of scientific data about the effects of beer on health and increased knowledge of people about it. You can find here some of the changed drinking habits.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “what are the best beer countries” with an in-depth analysis of the best countries that are efficient in both beer consumption as well as production. Moreover, we discussed what beer is and what are its side effects when consumed in excess.



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