What are the benefits of Uber Eats? (+3 Alternatives)

In this blogpost, we will discuss the different benefits of Uber Eats. We will also explain how you can place an order in Uber Eats. Finally, we will mention a few alternatives to this amazing food delivery app. Uber Eats has gathered a mass following and operates in more than 45 countries today.

What are the benefits of Uber Eats?

 Uber Eats was founded in 2014 and since its launch has become one of the most sought after food delivery apps in the world today. Uber Eats now operates across six continents. Some of the features that make Uber Eats such a beneficial app have been explored in this section.

Uber Eats has a very large collection

The best thing about Uber Eats is that it has a very large collection of restaurant options. Customers of Uber Eats can become overwhelmed by the excessive variety that is offered here. There are both high-end restaurants as well as very inexpensive eats in addition to many menu options serving specific nutritional requirements.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats. Through this feature, the user can pinpoint any particular location on the map, after which they will be shown the various restaurants that are operating in the locality. This feature can be tremendously helping to those who like to explore certain areas as well as those who want their deliveries made quick.

It can be used to schedule orders

Uber Eats has a feature where the customer can schedule an order much before in advance. The order scheduling feature will help those who are forgetful of birthdays and anniversaries. It can also serve those who have very busy schedules that do not allow them to pause and order food. The orders can be scheduled up to seven days in advance.

It has a group ordering feature

Uber Eats allows group ordering, as part of its new portfolio. In this feature, any member of the group can create a group order to which the others can add items and pay for it by themselves. This group ordering can be placed up to a week in advance during which members can add or edit their items. The items of the group order always arrive together.

It alerts through push notifications

Push notifications are also present in Uber Eats. Through the means of push notifications, the customer will get to know when their order has been confirmed and even when it has been picked up and is close by. Push notifications will also alert the customer of any changes or delays in their food order.

It offers various payment methods

In Uber Eats, the customer can pay for their food by means of various payment methods. Uber Eats accepts payments through credit cards, debit cards and online banking as well. More and more customers are choosing to pay through digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Uber cash is also accepted for food orders in Uber Eats.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats has a membership program called Uber One through which the customer can avail certain advantages or privileges. The Uber One membership costs the customer a sum of $9.99 per month or $99.99 for the entire year. The main benefit in Uber One is zero delivery charges on an unlimited number of orders.

It has smart filters

Uber Eats has many smart filters through which the customer can easily search for their restaurant or menu options. The filters in the Uber Eats app can be used to search for restaurants that have very inexpensive options. They can also be used to search for restaurants that are serving a certain menu type.

Uber riders can also place orders

Uber Eats now also allows riders to place orders. Riders who are using the ride-hailing feature in Uber can now place orders in restaurants that are operating on their route. Once the order is ready, the rider can pick it up themselves and take it along with them to their destination. This feature is amazing for those who want to have a hot meal as soon as they reach home.

Alternatives to Uber Eats

There are many alternatives to Uber Eats that can be great for customers. Some of the best alternatives to Uber Eats have been mentioned in the list below.


DoorDash is another popular food delivery app that operates in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia. This app delivers food orders as well as groceries to the customer. It has been fitted with pretty great features such as DoubleDashing which can be very wallet-friendly.


Grubhub is another great food delivery app that is one of the pioneers when it comes to food delivery. Grubhub even offers a membership plan called Grubhub+ which allows members to enjoy free delivery. Grubhub also delivers food orders and groceries.


Postmates is another delivery app that emphasizes on the fact that it can be used to order anything, from food, groceries and even retail goods in certain cities. This app also has unique features like the Postmates Party feature through which the customers in a certain location place a group order and enjoy zero delivery charges.


In this blogpost, we have discussed the different benefits of Uber Eats. We have also explained how you can place an order in Uber Eats. Finally, we have mentioned a few alternatives to this amazing food delivery app.

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