What are the benefits of French press coffee?

In this text, we will answer the question: what are the benefits of French pressed coffee?”. In addition, we will discuss the functionality of French press equipment and learn how to make coffee in the French press.

What are the benefits of French press coffee?

One of the main advantages of french press coffee is that it does not use electricity or any filter for the coffee, in addition to preserving the essential oils present in the drink. However, it requires a coarser grind and has less practical preparation, as it is completely manual.

The purpose of the French coffee maker is to make fresh coffee in the old-fashioned way, without the need for energy or filters. The French press mechanism is simple, enhances the coffee flavor and is eco-friendly.

Historical records point to its emergence in French kitchens in the mid-1850s, but it was an Italian designer – Attilio Calimani, who registered it in 1929.

The French press prepares a coffee with an intense and incomparable flavor, full-bodied and aromatic when used correctly. However, for some people, the drink can have an unwanted bitterness, and the oils in the coffee can make it too dense.

If you are someone who loves good coffee and you think the only way to reach it is to go to your local coffee shop, stay tuned as this content has the best solution for you. Great coffee is fine, but it shouldn’t be seen as a luxury thing that can only be obtained from a specialty shop or bar.

When you invest in a solid French coffee maker, you will be able to make and enjoy a great cup of coffee daily with your loved ones and friends. A hand press is a perfectly designed coffee maker that helps push the beans all the way to the bottom of the bottle. Below are some of the benefits:

  • This makes sure you have a cup of coffee that is not only tasty and creamy, but abundantly bubbly as well.
  • The ideal French press helps make the coffee brewing process easier.
  • It’s super cool when you and your loved ones or friends are camping
  • It provides rich flavored coffee that will make you feel so happy and satisfied.

While a coffee plunger will help you save money, i.e. not having to go buy those expensive cups of coffee outdoors, it also helps to save space as they are portable appliances that can be stored out of sight when not in use. are in use.

When you use a coffee press to brew your coffee at home, it helps you to have much better temperature control when compared to other common coffee makers. This is due to the fact that the water is heated differently from the ground beans and is placed only once the desired temperature is reached.

You really don’t need to hand out additional cash just to enjoy a cup of creamy coffee when you can just do it right from your home.

How does the French press work?

Basically, the French press prepares the coffee through infusion. Which means that the coffee needs to be in contact with water for a while to extract all the compounds from the bean.

The average time to prepare a coffee in the French press is between 3 and 4 minutes. The longer the preparation time, the greater the coffee extraction. Here the coffee needs to be ground coarser, because if the grinding is too small, it increases the contact surface of the coffee powder and can over-extract, which brings bitterness to the drink.

After this time it is necessary to lower the plunger to separate the coffee powder from the liquid. The end result will be a very full-bodied drink, with the presence of natural coffee oils and a balance between the sensory attributes of body and sweetness.

How to make coffee in the French Press?

Check out the step-by-step process of preparing coffee with the French Press to make your drink more full-bodied and with a striking taste:

  1. Heat the water to about 90ºC or until it starts to bubble at the bottom of the pan;
  2. In the meantime, grind the beans in a manual or electric grinder. The ideal grind for this method is coarse, with the texture of coarse salt or oat flakes;
  3. Scald the French Press so that it keeps the coffee hot for longer;
  4. Put the ground coffee in the coffee maker. It is recommended to use 8 to 10 grams for every 100 ml of water;
  5. Add hot water;
  6. Stir a little, place the top of the coffee maker (plunger) and leave to infuse for about 4 minutes;
  7. After that, press the plunger gently to separate the sludge from the liquid;
  8. It is ready! Now just pour it into the cup and enjoy your delicious coffee!

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In this text, we answered the question: what are the benefits of French pressed coffee?”. In addition, we discussed the functionality of French press equipment and learned how to make coffee in the French press.



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