What are HelloFresh’s weaknesses? (+5 HelloFresh advantages)

In this blogpost, we will be discussing the various weaknesses that can be found in HelloFresh. We will also be checking out the different plus points that customers can find in this meal-kit delivery service. Finally, we will be listing a few worthy alternatives to HelloFresh that readers might be interested in.

What are HelloFresh’s weaknesses?

The different weaknesses that are present in HelloFresh are:

The meal-kits need to be cooked by the customer

The biggest weakness of HelloFresh, and basically any other meal-kit delivery service is that the customer actually needs to cook the ingredients. And thus, the meal-kits cannot be great for those who are coming home after a long day and do not have time to cook. It also cannot be great for those customers who do not know how to cook.

The meal-kits can be expensive

The meal kits themselves can be quite expensive. While HelloFresh says that customers can save money as the ingredients do not go to waste and through the discounts and offers rolled out by the service, the customer still needs to pay a lot in delivery fees. And thus, this meal-kit delivery service is not preferred by those who are from a low income household.

The ingredients are not organic

The ingredients in the HelloFresh meal kits are not organic. While the service definitely tries its best to bring the highest quality of produce and meat to the customers, they are not guaranteed to be organic, which can be a let-down for many customers. However, HelloFresh clarifies its best to use Clean-15 produce in its meal kits.

There are no specific meal-kits

The meal-kits in HelloFresh do not cater to any customer with a special diet need. And thus, customers who are following a keto-diet, paleo-diet, vegan diet or even a diabetic diet may not like this meal-kit delivery service. There are also no allergen-free meal kits and thus those who are lactose intolerant or have celiac disease cannot use this service.

The meal-kits do not have everything

The meal-kits in HelloFresh only come with the main ingredients and the special seasoning for that particular meal. However, customers cannot find salt, pepper, cooking oil or other necessary ingredients in the meal kits, as it is assumed that they may have it in their homes. This is also seen as a weak point by many customers.

The calories may not be accurate

The calories in the HelloFresh meal kits may also not be as accurate as customers expect them to be. Even the Calorie Smart meals in HelloFresh that are advertised to be 650 calories each are not exactly so, as determined by food experts. The calories themselves are termed as kilojoules in HelloFresh, which can make it confusing for customers.

Advantages of using HelloFresh

While HelloFresh may have its limitations, it has a number of advantages or plus points that can be amazing for customers. It is due to the presence of these advantages that HelloFresh has managed to become the most popular meal-kit delivery service in the United States today. The various plus points that are present in HelloFresh have been described in the section below.

  • HelloFresh offers several categories for the customer to choose, from meal kits with only vegetables and even meal kits with both meat and vegetables. There are also Pescatarian meal kits. In addition to these, the customer can easily choose from various serving sizes depending on their household needs.
  • HelloFresh has Oven Ready meal kits that are pretty easy to cook. The ingredients need to be simply assembled onto a cooking tray and popped into the oven or a microwave oven for some time. The customer does not need to do any prep-work at all here and can enjoy a meal in no time.
  • There are also Pronto meal-kits in HelloFresh that require very little effort from the customer. The ingredients of these meal kits come already diced, chopped and minced and the customer needs to only dump these in a utensil and cook them on the stove top.
  • The packaging that the HelloFresh meal kits come in is not only pretty sturdy, but also easily reusable and recyclable. Thus, the customer does not need to worry about the sustainability practices of the company. HelloFresh is also the first carbon neutral meal-kit delivery service in the United States today.
  • The recipes in the meal kits are definitely easy to follow and simple enough. The recipes are also printed on attractive meal cards that also mention the different utensils and kitchen tools that need to be used for cooking.

Best alternatives to HelloFresh

If you are looking for a meal-kit delivery service that shares many of the features of HelloFresh, you will find the following list useful.

  • Sunbasket: Sunbasket is a great meal-kit delivery service that can be amazing for anyone who is health oriented. Here, the customer can choose from keto-diets, paleo diets and even vegan diets as per their needs and requirements.
  • Freshly: Freshly is amazing as the meal kits do not require any cooking. The meals are already prepared and only need some time in an oven or the microwave.
  • Gobble: Gobble is quite popular due to its guarantee of very quick cooking. The meal kits in this delivery service can be cooked within 15 minutes easily.


In this blogpost, we have discussed the various weaknesses that can be found in HelloFresh. We have also checked out the different plus points that customers can find in this meal-kit delivery service. Finally, we have listed a few worthy alternatives to HelloFresh that readers might be interested in.

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