What are black pepper mites?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “What are black pepper mites?”. We will also elaborate on how you get black pepper mites and what are its symptoms in humans. 

What are black pepper mites?

Black pepper mites are termed “bird’s mites”. Bird mites are the type of parasites that are found outside the body of the host. That is why they are known as ectoparasites. These types of parasites get their food from the blood of birds and rodents, therefore, they live in the animals’ nests. 

How do you get black pepper mites?

As it is already mentioned above they live in the skin, so there is a very easy way through which they can be transferred i.e. “infested clothing”. You can also get scabies from black pepper mites which can cause itchy skin conditions. 

Mostly these mites live inside the nests and do not leave their place. But if the nest got abandoned due to some reason or if the death of the nesting animal occurs then they might leave their place and enter human houses. In that case, they attack humans. 

In human blood, they can’t survive and reproduce. They only cause irritation and itchiness to our skin. Even if they are not fed with blood they can survive for several weeks.

What are the symptoms of mites in humans?

When black pepper mites attach to the human skin there are many symptoms through which you may have an idea about their attack.

  • It can cause nasal congestion and sneezing
  • It causes the patch of skin to be red and itchy.
  • It causes watery eyes.
  • You can get a cough
  • You can get chest tightness through it.
  • It causes difficulty in breathing.
  • It causes wheezing.

How long does pepper mite live for?

For completing their life cycle, pepper mites need birds’ blood. So, if they don’t get the bird’s blood, they could end their life cycle. 

It takes one week for them to develop from egg to mature adult. Their life stages during development are egg, larva, nymph, and mature adult. They can live up to many weeks but few black mites die within a week due to certain reasons. 

What are the home remedies for treatment of black pepper mites?

There are various home remedies you can try to get rid of black pepper mites:

Tea tree oil

When black mites attack the human skin, it gets red and itchy. So, to get rid of itchiness and redness you can apply tea tree oil to the skin. It helps in treating redness and itchiness. You can get this oil in various stores and online as well. 

But one thing you need to make sure of is if you are allergic to the tea tree oil, then you must skip this remedy.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural plant with so many treatments. It is very famous for its smoothness effects on the skin. You can also use it if you have got severe sunburn. It is such a natural plant whose side effects are very minimal. 

It has been observed that aloe vera can also be used for the treatment of mites.


Neem oil has been found very effective for curing such rashes. It has been found in many analgesics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory tubes.

It has been observed on dogs for the treatment of mites. 

Clove oil

Clove oil has also been used as a remedy for mites’ rashes and redness. It has been observed to treat scabies on various rabbits and pigs.

It is being observed that it helps in treating humans also or not.


Zinc can also be used as a remedy for treating mites. It can treat scratches on humans’ skin. 

Washing clothes in hot water

You can also treat these rashes. Redness and itchiness by washing your clothes in hot water. Although this is not a direct treatment for mites at least it would help in reducing the risk of infection. If there would be any contact of mites or scabies with the fabric, then it would wash away with hot water. 


Although borax may not be good for direct use on human skin, you can use it for cleaning/ removing scabies from your clothes. Borax is used for cleaning purposes for households. 

Do black pepper mites move?

According to the study, black mites cannot move. In Fact, they can’t even jump, hop, or fly. Even if they move a little they can’t move far from their place. One of the reasons for not moving from their place is their short legs.

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In this short article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What are black pepper mites?”. We have discussed various aspects of black pepper mites like the life cycle of mites and different remedies after their bite.




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