What animals eat bananas?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “What animals eat bananas”?. We will share the list of animals that can eat bananas along with interesting facts about their life.

What animals eat bananas?

Here is the list of animals that love to eat bananas

  • Squirrel monkey
  • Macaw
  • Rats
  • Crested gecko
  • Gorillas
  • Sugar glider
  • Elephant
  • Fruit bat
  • Baboon
  • Opossum

As bananas are a much healthier fruit these animals get much energy after eating bananas. Let’s discuss some interesting facts about these animals.

Squirrel monkey

Squirrel monkeys have been found eating bananas. The reason these animals eat bananas is because they need quick energy. Thus, they get maximum energy for jumping and moving quickly from a small package in the form of a banana. 

Also, bananas are easily available for them, so they get them. 

Fun fact: Squirrel monkeys are considered one of the cleverest monkeys. The reason for this is that they have a large brain in comparison to their body size. 


Macaws are fond of eating bananas. They love to eat fresh fruits which provide them with many nutritional benefits. Other than bananas, they can eat apples, apricots, mango, orange, papaya, peach, and pineapple.

It is often observed that just like other fruits, bananas are also fed with some pesticides for their growth. So, if the bananas are grown in pesticides, then you should avoid giving banana peels to the macaws. 

Otherwise, if the bananas are organic and not grown in pesticides, then you can offer banana peel to the macaws.


One thing that you must keep in mind while giving bananas to your pet rats is you should give them yellow ripened bananas as they are full of nutrients.

If you offer green under-ripe bananas to your pet rats, they can have digestive problems. Yellow bananas not only avoid digestive problems but also give various vitamins, minerals, and fibres. 

Crested gecko

Crested geckos are found eating bananas but only in mushed form. If you feed too many bananas to reptiles they can face problems. If you want to give bananas to your pet crested gecko, slice the bananas into small pieces. 

There is another way of feeding the crested gecko bananas; by slicing the bananas and adding them into yoghurt. It would really attract the crested gecko. 


Gorillas love to eat bananas. As everyone knows, bananas are grown in hot tropical areas. These are the animals that live in these areas, so the bananas are easily accessible to them. This is the most nutritious food. 

Fun fact: Gorillas don’t like water. They try not to cross the streams. If they must cross the stream, they try not to get wet. They also do not like rain.

Sugar glider

Sugar gliders can eat bananas. They can have it once a week. You can also feed banana chips to the sugar gliders. 

Make sure that you only give banana chips once a month due to the higher sugar concentration. Banana peels are something that should not be given to sugar gliders. 


Elephants can eat bananas but the most common and popular food that they love to eat is grass. They also love to eat wild fruits, twigs, shrubs and bamboo. 

Fun fact: Elephants can peel their bananas for eating. They also love to eat carrots, apples, lettuce, cabbage, and onions. 

Fruit bat

Fruit bats are also known as flying foxes. Fruit bats are mostly found in Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Nectar from fruit blossoms is also eaten by fruit bats. They also eat grapes.


Baboons also love to eat bananas. Bananas are easily accessible in their region and provide them with enough nutrients. 

Baboons are not only dependent on bananas; they also eat other fruits that may include shrubs and lianas. Baboons are considered omnivores. They eat large-sized fruits mostly.


Opossums love to eat bananas if they are mashed. So,they only eat old bananas that are soft and mushy. Opossums can also eat banana peels. They can eat grass, nuts, and other fruits. Opossums are the animals that enjoy munching on fruits. Whether they are baby opossum or adults, they love eating bananas or any other fruit.


In this short article, we have provided an answer to the question, “What animals eat bananas?”. We have also elaborated on what amount of bananas they should be fed with and what other fruits they love to eat.



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