Trifecta vs Territory Foods (+3 Sample meals)

The current blogpost will be discussing in depth the various features and advantages which one can expect to find in Trifecta, and then comparing them with those of Territory Foods. Both of these are meal delivery services which offer fully-cooked meals. While Trifecta operates through the US, Territory Foods is limited to certain regions.

In the end, we will give you our opinions on which of these two may be the better choice based on first-hand experiences.

Trifecta vs Territory Foods

The following table will show you the different features which you can find in Trifecta and Territory Foods. We have also mentioned the delivery areas of these two platforms, along with the price ranges of the food items here. You can easily choose between Trifecta and Territory Foods by checking out the table below.

 Feature  Trifecta Territory Foods
 Delivery areas  98% of the United States aside from Alaska & Hawaii  New York City,Washington DC area,San Francisco Bay area,Southern California,Dallas,Houston,New England 
 Price per plate  $10.49 per plate $14 to $18 per plate
 Difficulty levels  Easy Easy 
 Avg. cooking time  Only heating required No cooking required
 Avg. calorie count  300-500 calories per serving  600-700 calories per serving
 Supporting material  Meal description,Nutritional facts  Meal description,Nutritional facts 
 Recipes supported  Chef’s choice,Keto,Paleo,Clean eating,Vegan,Vegetarian,Classic  Vegan,Vegetarian,Mixitarian,Whole 30,Low-fat,Low-carb,Mediterranean,Pre-partum,Post-partum 
 No. of choices  24 per week Varies
 Introductory deal  40% off first meal plan $25 off on first two orders for referrals 
 Avg. shelf life  6-10 days in the fridge,3 months in the freezer  3 days after delivery in refrigerator 

Types of Plans: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Trifecta  Territory Foods
 Clean Meal plan $110.99 per week,High quality protein, organic veggies, whole grains  No plans
 Paleo Meal plan $110.99 per week,Dairy-free and grain-free  
 Keto Meal plan $110.99 per week,Healthy fats and proteins  
  Vegan Meal plan $99.99 per week,Organic ingredients and plant-based protein   
 Vegetarian Meal plan $99.99 per week,Plant-based proteins and tasty carbs  
 Classic Meals $119 per week,Balanced meals  
 Meat Lovers Meal Prep kit $173.40 per week,24 servings of lean proteins   

Trifecta offers a number of plans for the user to choose from based on their dietary needs and their preferences. Trifecta can easily accommodate those who are following a keto diet and a paleo diet since it has plans offering these options. There is also a meat-lovers plan which offers generous helpings of lean proteins.

In Territory Foods, there is no such plan for the user to choose from. The user can easily choose any item from the main menu to their weekly cart. The menu in Territory Foods mostly covers well-balanced eating but even offers special plans. These include the plans for those who are currently pregnant or those who have recently given birth.

Winner: Trifecta wins the Types of Plans segment.

Types of Ingredients: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

  Ingredient type   Trifecta  Territory Foods
 Produce   Organic produce,Pesticide-free produce Mostly organic produce 
 Meat, eggs, fish  Sustainably-sourced meat, poultry and seafood  Hormone-free meat,Cage-free eggs,Sustainably sourced seafood 
 Other ingredients  Seasonings,Spices  None

In Trifecta, the ingredients are of the best quality and are certainly organic in nature. The meat and the poultry used to create the meals in Trifecta come from sustainable sources and so does the seafood. The meals in Trifecta are created with the best quality of spices and seasonings and the user can simply go ahead and heat them without adding anything else to them.

The meals from Territory Foods are created with mostly organic produce and veggies, but this is not always guaranteed. The meat used in the meals is hormone-free while the eggs come from cage-free birds. The seafood used in Territory Foods also come from sustainable sources and therefore is safe to consume on a long-term basis.

Winner: Trifecta wins the Types of Ingredients segment.

Add-Ons: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Trifecta  Territory Foods
 Meal plans,Carbohydrates,Vegetables,Snacks,Gift cards  None

Trifecta also offers lots of options for extras in addition to the main meals which can be found in the menu of this meal delivery service. In the add-on menu of Trifecta, the user can find options like healthy carbohydrates and even servings of veggies to accommodate their main meals, or to simply eat in the middle of the day.

Territory Foods certainly lacks when it comes to add-ons. However, the user is free to add any item they want from the main menu of this brand to their weekly cart. The main menu of Territory Foods also does not offer many sides and snacks and only has entrées for the user to choose from.

Winner: Trifecta wins the Add-ons segment.

Packaging of Meal box: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Trifecta Territory Foods
 Box,Food-grade plastic trays,TemperPack panels,ClimaCell panels,Ice packs  Cardboard boxes,Insulation,Plastic containers,Gel packs 
 Mostly recyclable Fully recyclable 

The meals from Trifecta are packed into cardboard boxes which are lined with environmentally-friendly insulation to keep the internal temperatures of the meals nice and low. The boxes as well as the insulation can be easily recycled curbside. Trifecta also uses TemperPack panels and ClimaCell panels which can also be easily recycled.

In Territory Foods, the packaging uses mostly recycled cardboard, and these can be simply flattened and placed in a trash can. The boxes in Territory Foods use insulation which is made of environmentally-friendly material. The meals are packed into BPA-free plastic trays and these can be easily rinsed and then reused or recycled.

Winner: Trifecta and Territory Foods win the Packaging of Meal box segment.

Customer Support: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Feature  Trifecta Territory Foods
 Chat support  + +
 Email support  + +
 Phone support + + 
 Availability  All days of the week All days of the week

Both Trifecta and Territory Foods can be contacted for support or guidance on any day of the week, including the weekends. The easiest way to get in touch with the customer support of Trifecta and Territory Foods is through the chat support which is pretty responsive. Apart from chat support, the user can reach out for help through the email support as well.

In addition to this, users can contact customer support through phone support as well. Both Trifecta and Territory foods are also pretty active on several social media platforms and frequently interact with their customers as well.

Winner: Trifecta and Territory Foods win the Customer Support segment.

Sample Meals: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Sample  Trifecta Territory Foods
 Sample 1  Name: Garlic Pasta with Cherry TomatoesAverage calories: 440Average protein content: 25g Name: Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde and Zucchini-Corn RelishHeating time: 2-3 mins in the microwaveNo. of calories: 669 calories 
 Sample  2  Name: Grilled Salmon with PestoAverage calories: 480Average protein content: 32g  Name: Sage Beef Bolognese with CavatappiHeating time: 2-3 mins in the microwaveNo. of calories: 608 calories
 Sample  3   Name: Roasted Chicken Breast with AsparagusAverage calories: 460Average protein content: 35g  Name: Veggie Enchiladas in Salsa Roja with Black Beans and PeasHeating time: 2-3 mins in the microwaveNo. of calories: 639 calories 

In Trifecta, the user can choose from a large variety of options in the main menu. In this menu, the user can find meals containing different types of proteins like beef, chicken and even seafood. There are also several meals in Trifecta which are completely vegetarian and even vegan.

In Territory Foods, the meals are wholesomely crafted and created with fresh and healthy ingredients. The meals from Territory Foods are moderate in calories and contain the right balance of flavors and health for the user and their needs. The meals from Territory Foods are pre-cooked and only need to be heated.

Winner: Trifecta wins the Sample Meals segment.

App rating: Trifecta vs Territory Foods

 Platform Trifecta Territory Foods 
 Google Play Store  4.2  Not available 
 Apple App Store  4.3 Not available
 TWP Rating  4/5 3.5/5

Final Verdict: Trifecta is easily the winner in this showdown because of its large menu and great customer satisfaction.

Trifecta is an ideal meal delivery service which offers great meal plans, perfect for anyone who is trying to achieve a certain performance goal or a health goal. The meals from Trifecta are moderate in calories and high in protein and thus, perfect for anyone who is trying to lose weight or simply improve their fitness levels.

In Territory Foods, the meals in the menu are definitely healthy and wholesomely made. The menu in Territory Foods contains a number of delicious and healthy items, perfect for those who want to eat a balanced diet every day. Territory Foods is pretty accommodating when it comes to specific dietary requirements and even has plans for those who are pregnant.

Between Trifecta and Territory Foods, the former option takes the crown. Trifecta is ideal since this platform is easy to access and is also quite affordable and satisfactory for everyone. Trifecta is mostly preferred by those who are in training but can also be delectable for everyone trying to eat balanced and healthy on a daily basis.


To bring you the best reviews of each and every meal delivery service, we spoke to testers and real life users, reviewed the information provided by each service on their respective websites, carried out primary research on social media platforms and checked out the user reviews of these platforms on various social media sites. We have also used the reviews presented by current users of these services on their respective Google and Apple apps.

We are currently conducting our own internal review and we will update this page with videos and pictures of our experiences. If they differ extensively from what our external reviewers said then we will update this post so you get both points of views and can decide which service provider is more suited to your needs based on the information above.

The main types of criteria which we have used in order to assess and evaluate these meal delivery services is the simplicity of the recipes, the variety of meals in the service, the inclusiveness of diets and cuisines and even the supporting material.

In addition to these, we have also highly taken into regard the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging of these services. Lastly, we have also considered the delivery services and customer services of these platforms.

Frequently asked questions: “Trifecta vs Territory Foods”

Is Trifecta fully cooked?

Yes, Trifecta meals are fully cooked. Since the meals from Trifecta are fully cooked, they only need to be heated for a bit in the microwave oven or even a conventional oven. The meals from Trifecta can also be heated on the stovetop and even an air-fryer based on the user’s needs and requirements.

Is Trifecta soy-free?

Yes, Trifecta is soy-free. Along with being soy-free, Trifecta meals are also gluten-free and dairy-free. Therefore, this meal delivery service is perfect for those who are allergic to these ingredients or are simply avoiding these ingredients for any specific purpose. The meals in Trifecta are fully-cooked and are shipped in a chilled state to the user.

Can Territory meals be frozen?

Yes, Territory meals can be frozen. If the user is not able to eat their meals as soon as possible, they can simply store the meals in the freezer to extend their shelf lives. This will ensure that the freshness and taste of the meals stays intact for an indefinite period of time.

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