The Cowell Coffee Shop (Review)

In this brief guide, we will be answering the question “Cowell Coffee Shop” discussing how this small town shop has brought together so many college students.

The Cowell Coffee Shop is, 


 For the Peoples, is a student-run bistro intended to expand student food access. … Situated in Cowell College close to the core of eastern grounds, the Coffee Shop likewise fills in as a local area space for students to hang out with their peers and catch up with their studies.

Purpose of this Coffee shop?


This coffee shop is located in Cowell college and is a safe place for students to visit. Their affordable prices are what is great about them. They make everything accessible for non-working students who may need to unwind at the end of the day. It is a common spot for the Cowell College students, run by the students to their liking.

Their Goal?


Since COVID their motives have changed and they are planning to extend in better ways. Beginning one year from now, the Coffee Shop group will be revealing a 16′ food trailer that will serve lunch, convey produce, and travel around campus grounds to offer food at exceptional occasions and workshops. It will essentially be positioned at Oakes College to adjust fundamental requirements presence topographically nearby. The trailer will have a pivoting menu that looks to praise the assorted culinary diaspora of the studies at UCSC and be established in the utilization of neighborhood, seasonal produce.

 Along with the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable  Food Systems (CASFS), Cowell College and the Dean of Students Office have transformed the Cowell Coffee Shop into a non-transactional café and a choice-based pantry for those in need of food.

Food Insecurity on Campus

A psychology study examined that compared to pupils who had solid admittance to enough food, students who were food insecure experienced altogether higher paces of misery, dejection, and uneasiness. They additionally had lower confidence and lower GPAs and were bound to pull out from the college before procuring their degrees.

Psychologists discovered that unpaid temporary positions and different jobs were frequently ridiculous because these students expected to utilize time outside of school to work and bring in cash to manage the cost of necessities, which implied their future profession openings could be restricted.  There is a lot of shame attached to food insecurity as well which is why many students felt shy to ask for help when needed most. That is why Cowell Coffee shop, commonplace students already gathered transformed for the better. 

Reducing Stigma 

Why is there a stigma around students needing to fend for themselves? The stigma around Food insecurity should be reduced and there should be more accessible programs available in this cause.

The Cowell Coffee shop receives its funding through donations and after opening its pantry next to the coffee shop it has given it a more welcoming feel. People stopping by for Coffee can also check out the pantry and help themselves if ever in need.

To reduce the stigma the College considered adding the facilities provided by the pantry and coffee shop into the syllabi, to make it more known, and to make it comfortable for those who need to visit. 

The Ambiance 

 Although the coffee shop is small and seating is limited it still has a good vibe to it. Helping so many students eventually the coffee shop will expand and become more spacious soon. The menu includes coffee of course along with soda, sandwiches, salads, bagels, and muffins. Food items students need for on the go. 

The coffee shop is another option besides the Campus dining hall if you’re ever considering eating somewhere else but still close and accessible. Just make sure you have a friend save a seat. 

The wifi is free for the students, it is lap-top friendly and outlets are available for charging devices. It’s all a student needs to create a climate for themselves


The timings are short and they are only open a few days out of the week, but since it is student-run that is understandable. 

  • On Mondays 2-6 pm
  • Wednesdays 10-2 pm
  • Thursdays 3:45-7 pm
  • Tuesdays and Wednesday from 2-7 pm (appointment only)

If you need to stay longer and tend to work in a peaceful environment you will need to make an appointment and that is only limited to Tuesday and Wednesday. Considering the busy schedule of all the students it seems like a fair deal.

Of course, there is always room for improvement since the college website itself invites Feedback from everyone. To stay connected they also have an Instagram and Facebook page at which you can get updates regarding holidays and COVID-19 guidelines. 


By opening this coffee shop on campus there is truly only benefit. This place brings in business and jobs for hardworking students who need the extra cash to get through college. Even with their partnership with CASFS, there has been a decrease in food-insecure students who are now coming forth for help. The opportunities for the students are endless. 

The bottom line, 

Coffee shops on campus are a great idea. They bring the students together and even offer a spot to unwind after a hectic day. The Cowell Coffee shop has truly transformed itself into an alluring place. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question “Cowell Coffee shop” discussing the ups and downs of food insecurity and the convenience it has been for everyone.


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