Sunbasket vs EveryPlate (+3 Samples of each)

The following detailed article will be comparing two popular meal kit delivery services, Sunbasket and EveryPlate. Sunbasket is touted to be a very healthy meal kit delivery service which focuses on bringing the very best of ingredients to customers. On the other hand, EveryPlate is a meal kit delivery service which aims at affordable healthy eating.

In the end, we will give you our opinions on which of these two may be the better choice based on first-hand experiences.

Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

The table below will depict the main characteristic features of Sunbasket along with those of EveryPlate. You will also be able to see the price ranges of both these meal kit delivery services. Furthermore, we have shown you the different types of recipes which you can expect to find on these platforms.

 Feature  Sunbasket EveryPlate
 Delivery areas  98% of the United States aside from Alaska & Hawaii 98% of the United States from Alaska & Hawaii 
 Price range   $10.99 to $13.99 per serving $44.33 per week for two
 Price per plate  $11.49 per plate $4.99 – $5.99 per plate
 Difficulty levels  Easy,Intermediate,Expert  Easy,Intermediate 
 Avg. cooking time  Up to 50 minutes 25-45 minutes per meal
 Avg. calorie count  650 calories per serving 750 calories per serving
 Supporting material  Meal description,Nutritional fact,Recipe cards  Recipe cards
 Recipes supported  Soy-free,Gluten-free,Protein plus,Vegetarian,Calorie-conscious  Vegetarian,Seafood,Meat,Kid-approved,Family-friendly,No fuss meals 
 No. of choices  17 per week 18 per week
 Introductory deal  $90 off + 1 free gift 40% off on first meal kit,20% off on second and third 
 Avg. shelf life  5 days for meat,3 days for seafood  Within 1 week of delivery

Types of Plans: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Sunbasket  EveryPlate 
 Fresh & Ready Meal plan $9.99 – $17.99 per meal + shipping charges,Serves 1,Only needs to be heated  Two-Person plan $29.94 to $49.90 for two servings + $8.99 shipping,3 or 4 or 5 meals per week 
 Quick & Easy plan $12 – $18 per serving + shipping charges,Prepared in 10 minutes,Require only a single plan   Family box $59.88 to $99.80 for four servings + $8.99 shipping,3 or 4 or 5 meals per week  
 Lean & Clean $12 – $18 per serving + shipping charges,Calorie-conscious meals,Contains lean meat and seafood  

In Sunbasket, the customer can choose from various types of plans depending on the needs of their family or their households. The meal plans in Sunbasket include lean and clean menus for healthy eating. For those who want to be done with the cooking at a much faster rate, Sunbasket has a quick and easy plan.

EveryPlate mainly offers two types of plans for its users. The two-person plan in this meal kit delivery service is perfect for singles and couples. For larger families, EveryPlate has the family box. The customer can also add more items to their meal boxes if they wish to. The recipes here cover a variety of cuisines along with dietary requirements.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Types of Plans segment.

Types of Ingredients: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

  Ingredient type   Sunbasket  EveryPlate
 Produce   Organic fresh produce,Seasonal ingredients Farm-fresh produce
 Meat, eggs, fish  Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free,Sustainably-sourced seafood  Varies from supplier to supplier
 Other ingredients  Seasonings,Marinades,Spice rubs,Sauces  Seasonings,Sauces,Cooking essentials are mentioned on the cards 

The best thing about using Sunbasket as a meal kit delivery service is that the ingredients are all organic and GMO-free. The meat and poultry in Sunbasket meal kits are hormone-free and antibiotic-free, while the seafood comes from sustainable sources. The meal kits come with the required seasonings and spices to be used in the cooking process.

EveryPlate is also smart in its sourcing habits. While the ingredients are not always organic here, this meal kit delivery service keeps its prices down by focusing on delivering the best of the season to the customer. The meat and poultry are free of antibiotics or hormones, and thus safe to consume on a long-term basis.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Types of Ingredients segment.

Add-Ons: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Sunbasket  EveryPlate
 Grocery items,Breakfast,Lunch,Snacks  Protein packs 

In Sunbasket, the customer has the freedom to get more than just ingredients and recipes. From the large add-on menu in Sunbasket, users can add breakfast items, lunch items and even healthy snacks to combat low-sugar levels in the middle of the day. Furthermore, Sunbasket also offers a large selection of staple grocery items for the user to add to their cart.

When it comes to add-ons, EveryPlate certainly disappoints. The only form of add-ons available in EveryPlate includes protein packs in the form of chicken breasts or even lean beef. This can be a huge letdown for customers who might be looking for more than just meal kits and recipes in EveryPlate.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Add-ons segment.

Packaging of Meal kit: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Sunbasket  EveryPlate
 Box,Paper insulation,Bags,Denim insulation,Ice packs,Fiber trays and sleeves,Recipe cards,Egg containers  Meal box,Separator,Ice packs,Box liner,Bottles,Containers,Bags 
 Fully recyclable  Fully recyclable with instructions for the gel packs and the box liners 

The packaging of both these meal kit delivery services is very effective and also eco-friendly. Both Sunbasket and EveryPlate use easily recyclable elements in their packaging, such as recycled cardboard and BPA-free plastic. The ice packs in these meal kit delivery services contain a non-toxic gel which can be easily disposed of in the trash.

Winner: Sunbasket and EveryPlate win the Packaging of Meal kit segment.

Customer Support: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Feature  Sunbasket EveryPlate
 Chat support  + +
 Email support  + _
 Phone support +  +
 Availability  All days of the week All days of the week (chat)

In case Sunbasket customers face an issue with their meal kits or their orders, they can easily contact the customer support team of this meal kit delivery service through several ways. The best and easiest way to reach out to the customer support of Sunbasket is through the live chat. Email and phone support is also present on all days of the week.

In EveryPlate, the customer support can be reached through live chat, email support or even phone support. While the phone support is not available on all days of the week, the live chat operates throughout the year. EveryPlate is also available on many forms of social media for easy accessibility to the customer.

Winner: Sunbasket wins the Customer Support segment.

Sample Meals: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Sample  Sunbasket EveryPlate
 Sample 1  Name: Black Angus rib-eyes with romesco and artichoke-olive saladPreparation time: 15 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy  Name: Crispy Buffalo Ranch ChickenPreparation time: 35 minsSpice level: MediumDifficulty: Easy 
 Sample  2  Name: Vietnamese shaking beefPreparation time: 25-35 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy  Name: Smothered & Stuffed MeatloavesPreparation time: 35 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy 
 Sample  3   Name: Seared pork with blueberry-apricot sauce and sautéed greensPreparation time: 20 minsSpice level: MildDifficulty: Easy  Name: Saucy Chicken & Pepper Stir-FryPreparation time: 35  minsSpice level: MediumDifficulty: Easy 

Home cooks of all skill levels are definitely going to love Sunbasket since the recipes here also come in various difficulty levels. Not only are these great for the chef, but are delicious in taste and nutrient-rich as well. Most of the recipes in Sunbasket fall under the easy to cook category and can be prepared in about 20-30 minutes easily.

EveryPlate mainly tends to focus on comfort foods which can be instant crowd-favorites at home every single day. The meals come from many cuisines and can easily suit palate preferences of any kind. When it comes to the cooking, even kitchen novices will find no difficulty since almost all of the recipes require only about five to six steps.

Winner: EveryPlate wins the Sample Meals segment.

App rating: Sunbasket vs EveryPlate

 Platform Sunbasket  EveryPlate 
 Google Play Store  4.5 4.7
 Apple App Store  4.7 4.7
 TWP Rating  4.5/5 4/5

Final Verdict: The winner of this battle is Sunbasket due to its high quality ingredients and variety of recipes.

Sunbasket has gained a lot of popularity mainly due to the organic ingredients which are used in the meal kits. Not only the ingredients, but even the recipes are well-thought out. And thus, Sunbasket can easily accommodate a number of dietary requirements and nutritional needs which the entire family might have.

EveryPlate is perhaps one of the best meal kit delivery services when it comes to the affordability part. While it is certainly very affordable for any type of customer, EveryPlate definitely does not skimp out when it comes to delivering deliciousness along with the right balance of nutrients.

Between Sunbasket and EveryPlate, the former is the clear winner. The recipes in Snbasket come from different cuisines and also contain the perfect combination of nutrients and flavors. While it is true that the recipes here may be slightly more expensive than other platforms, the quality of ingredients is not to be messed with. Sunbasket wins this battle hands-down.


To bring you the best reviews of each and every meal delivery service, we spoke to testers and real life users, reviewed the information provided by each service on their respective websites, carried out primary research on social media platforms and checked out the user reviews of these platforms on various social media sites. We have also used the reviews presented by current users of these services on their respective Google and Apple apps.

We are currently conducting our own internal review and we will update this page with videos and pictures of our experiences. If they differ extensively from what our external reviewers said then we will update this post so you get both points of views and can decide which service provider is more suited to your needs based on the information above.

The main types of criteria which we have used in order to assess and evaluate these meal delivery services is the simplicity of the recipes, the variety of meals in the service, the inclusiveness of diets and cuisines and even the supporting material.

In addition to these, we have also highly taken into regard the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging of these services. Lastly, we have also considered the delivery services and customer services of these platforms.

Frequently asked questions: “Sunbasket vs EveryPlate”

Is Sunbasket processed food?

No, Sunbasket is not processed food. The meals are all fresh and contain only high-quality ingredients. The customers of Sunbasket can be easily assured of health and taste through the meals in this meal kit delivery service. The seasonings provided with the meal kits are also made of the best of ingredients.

Can you freeze Sunbasket Fresh and Ready meals?

Yes, you can freeze Sunbasket Fresh and Ready meals. These meals are fully prepared and thus only need to be heated for a bit before consumption. You can heat the meals up in a microwave oven or even a conventional oven if you wish to. Sunbasket provides clear information about which meals to freeze and which only need refrigeration.

Is EveryPlate cheaper than HelloFresh?

Yes, EveryPlate is cheaper than HelloFresh. EveryPlate is in fact owned by HelloFresh. EveryPlate is designed to be very affordable and thus easily accessible by all types of customers and users. Many users have also felt that buying EveryPlate meal kits is actually cheaper than grocery shopping.

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