Substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “Can I substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar” and answer other related questions like “What is the best substitute which can be used as an alternative to vanilla sugar?”

Can I substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar?

Yes, vanilla extract can be used as a substitute for vanilla sugar. Vanilla extract is actually a very good alternative to vanilla sugar. Comparatively, it is less processed and more expensive than vanilla essence. However, it has a stronger and Purer vanilla flavor.

Adding vanilla extract greatly increases the level of deliciousness. Especially, in smoothies made out of banana, almond, butter, Greek yogurt, or even pumpkin and cinnamon. For people who don’t like the flavor of green smoothies, adding vanilla extract just might change the outlook. The vanilla flavor helps blend the tastes of various fruits and vegetables

The whole process of producing vanilla from start to finish is highly labor intensive and time-consuming. This is the reason why vanilla is among one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Ideally, vanilla extract is best preferred when the food is uncooked or the dishes are prepared using vanilla as the key flavor.

As an alternative to vanilla sugar, vanilla extract is an ingredient that is used in nearly every recipe for baking.  Foods feel fabulous because of the vanilla taste.  Vanilla extract chemically adds more flavor. It is quite commonly used in desserts. It helps in enhancing the flavors of the other ingredients.

Vanilla extract does not affect the structure of any food item. It only flavors it by acting as an enhancer. How much vanilla extract is to be added to a recipe depends upon the requirements and flavor preferences. Accordingly, quantity can be increased or decreased.

Vanilla extract is also a great ingredient in cocktail mixology.  It can add a level of smooth, luscious flavor to drinks. And also helps in melding flavors together. It mixes deliciously with barrel-aged bourbon or whiskey. 

The extract works well in rum cocktails, especially in those which contain elements of cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, or clove. Vanilla is often seen as an ingredient in bitters. It can also be infused directly into spirits.

Vanilla extract has lots of different uses. It can be used differently in different dishes. Including grill marinades, and glazes to savory sauces. It mixes well with a wide range of meats and helps to seal in their moisture content. Applying vanilla to pork, lamb, chicken, beef, fish etcetera helps in showcasing the natural sweetness.

Vanilla extract is preferred as a substitute for vanilla sugar by many professional chefs. The savory dishes they cook bring to light the rich, subtle flavors of the many different ingredients.

While also making sure one ingredient doesn’t overpower the other.  A splash of pure vanilla extract, when added to tomato sauce towards the end of cooking, helps to mellow down the acidity levels.

Also, when looking for a healthy backup option to cut down on sugar, but at the same time be able to enjoy sweet beverages, vanilla extract can be used as a substitute in home-brewed coffee.  

Simply adding two tablespoons of vanilla to the coffee cup and then gradually pouring coffee, allowing the coffee to brew can do wonders. The whole coffee will be flavored with aromatic vanilla essence: leading to a smooth and delicious drink even in the absence of sugar.

How to make a smoothie with vanilla extract?

  1. Decide upon a liquid base. It can be any personal preference such as filtered water, coconut water, milk, etc.
  2. Add fruits of your liking. For a more refreshing smoothie, frozen fruits can be used too.
  3. To add a little bit of color and for a healthier drink, green vegetables such as kale can be added.
  4. Add a few chia seeds.
  5. Finely blend all the ingredients, giving the smoothie a soft texture.
  6. To add on to the flavor, add a small amount of vanilla extract to the smoothie. Mix it thoroughly.

What is vanilla sugar?

Vanilla sugar is granulated sugar that is mixed with vanilla flavoring. It can essentially be used in any recipe that calls for sugar. Vanilla sugar has been used as a sweetener in baked goods both batter and dough. It is also widely used as a final touch ingredient. It is sprinkled on the tops of fresh oven cakes, pies, cookies etcetera. Vanilla sugar is a great kitchen hack.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed and answered the query, “Can I substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar” and answered other related questions like “What is the best substitute which can be used as an alternative to dishwasher soap?”