3 steps to saving a recipe in the thermomix

In this article, we will show you the 3 steps to saving a recipe in the thermomix. We will also talk about the utility of a thermomix and its history.

The 3 steps to saving a recipe in the thermomix 

To save a recipe in the thermomix website you have to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Type the recipe name into the search bar and click search
  1. Option 1: Bookmark the recipe (right-click on the 3 dots next to the photo of the recipe and select bookmark) 

Option 2: Add to a collection ( right-click on the 3 dots next to the photo of the recipe and select add to a collection. You can create a new collection or add the recipe to an existing one)

  1. You can find your Saved Recipes at the top of the page under the MyRecipes tab.

 Click here to watch a video with the steps to saving a recipe in the thermomix. 

What is Thermomix?

Since it was invented in the sixties and popularized in the seventies, the Thermomix has not stopped conquering kitchens with its twelve functions and its many possibilities when preparing a wide variety of dishes.

Thermomix is a kitchen robot capable of performing twelve functions. It is a small appliance that completely changed the way of preparing almost any dish, since thanks to all the functions it saves the user time and effort, also allowing him to cook food and recipes that would otherwise be much more complicated.

They say, not without being truthful, that the Thermomix is the combination of twelve devices in one. Because in a single machine we can weigh, mix, chop, grind, steam, grind, knead, cook, whisk, heat, emulsify and stir. 

They are a great variety of techniques and ways of treating food, in a small appliance, which offers a versatility never seen before in domestic kitchens or even in professional kitchens. Because yes, many chefs also use this robot.

This robot, the famous Thermomix, is an essential element when cooking the most varied dishes because it takes care of automating, making it easier and faster, many of the tasks that we would do by hand, also shortening the cooking times and other culinary techniques. 

Besides, in its latest model, in the Thermomix TM6, it lives another revolution thanks to its complete entry into the digital age. Through its touch screen, you can control all the settings and options, as well as follow step-by-step guided recipes, without missing any details. An option of this unique appliance that makes the world of cooking even easier for both the most expert and the novice.

Advantages, benefits, and functionalities of the Thermomix

The characteristics of the appliance offer many advantages and benefits when it comes to cooking. It is clear that time is saved, time that we can dedicate to other things until it tells us that something must be done or the recipe is ready. 

The more advanced versions, capable of programming menus weekly, deepen this time saving by simplifying the preparation of shopping lists or planning time, for example. They are even capable of programming the cooking. Directly related to this time-saver is the dirt that its use generates. 

Traditional cooking usually involves the use of containers and utensils that someone has to clean. Grouping the cooking in the same container means less dirt in the work area and less cleaning work.

Ease of use is decisive. Without skills of any kind, anyone is capable of cooking a recipe with good results. The intuitive control system allows everything to be a matter of choosing a recipe and adding the necessary ingredients. 

Kitchens of all kinds and origins that also feed on the proposals of a huge community of users. Many details help in the task. The device incorporates its integrated scale to perfectly control the quantities, the internal thermostat allows to precisely adjust the temperature, the engine power is among the best on the market. 

Thermomix can perform up to 12 different functions. These are:

  • Mix
  • Steaming
  • Crush
  • To weigh
  • Stir
  • Grind
  • Shake
  • Emulsify
  • To warm
  • Knead
  • Cook
  • Cut

All these capacities, together or in combination, make it possible to create thousands of recipes with perfect results.

History of the Thermomix

From ‘soup mixer’ to a food processor. The idea, originally, was simple: create a machine capable of grinding and heating at the same time. A way to prepare creams and soups, typical preparations of French gastronomy, eliminating steps, and speeding up the process.

Simplifying these recipes was its specific purpose, but it’s functional possibilities were even further since it was invented when a German mother realized how difficult it was to prepare baby food in the 1960s. There was no household appliance capable of grinding food into pieces small enough to be cooked at the same time.

It was later that the CEO of Vorwerk France, who went further with the original concept, transmitted his evolved idea to the corporate matrix. After careful development, the first model outside the invention itself came onto the market. It was 1971 and the Thermomix VM 2000 was a reality. First, in France, the country where its conception was motivated, and later in other markets such as Spanish and Italian.

The “soup mixer”, as it was known in its early days, would soon be discovered as a magnificent aid in the preparation of desserts, sauces, and other recipes. So the German company undertook an unstoppable process of refining, adding functionality, and developing specific cooking processes with more than a hundred engineers dedicated to development. The objective? Make cooking simpler, more efficient, and healthier.

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