Should I blend my tomato sauce?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Should I blend my tomato sauce? We will teach you how to make a tomato sauce and how to combine it with other ingredients in order to make it even more delicious!

Should I blend my tomato sauce?

It is not mandatory but you can blend and also strain your tomato sauce, especially if it has a lot of seeds in it. By blending it, you will create a smooth and delicious tomato paste.  There are a thousand and one tomato sauces and one is as valid as another. We could say that tomato sauce is the main one of all sauces made with vegetables and that tomato is the main ingredient.

The main ingredients that it usually takes are: tomato, onion, garlic, bay leaf and olive oil. In addition, other types of sauces have leek, bacon, carrots, etc. And flavorings such as thyme, basil, oregano, etc. 

The basic ingredients for tomato sauce

  • 1.5 kg of ripe tomatoes
  • 150 grams of carrots
  •  100 grams of onion
  •  100 grams of leek
  •  1 garlic
  •  2 bay leaves
  •  Thyme
  •  olive oil
  •  salt and sugar.

Preparation of tomato sauce

We take the tomatoes and clean them well under a stream of cold water. We are going to remove the skin so we have to make a cross cut at the base and scald them for about 30 seconds. Enough time that will allow us to remove the skin without problems. Then we cut them at their equator and remove the seeds and extra water.

Chop the onion, the leek, the carrots and the garlic well. We fry them in a saucepan with a little olive oil. They don’t have to swim in oil. We will also add salt, sugar to correct the acidity and the thyme.

We add the crushed tomato as it will help us in the cooking, saving us a lot of time. Let it cook for approximately 30 minutes, stirring from time to time. We go through a food mill or with a mixer and cook again, rectifying the seasoning. Especially the level of acidity.

Things to consider

We must take into account some previous details. We will always use very ripe tomatoes, varieties of tomatoes that also have a lot of meat, for example canary tomatoes or pears. Although it can be done with any other.

On the other hand, we must be clear that a tomato sauce is not thickened with flour or anything similar. It thickens through simmering and consequently we obtain a gradual reduction in the water contained in the tomatoes.

Finally, I would put it as a commandment. Do not use paprika to color the sauce. A tomato sauce doesn’t have to be blood red. It is a vegetable sauce and all vegetables influence the final color. If I have used carrot, we will probably think before making it that the result will be an orange-red.

Tomato sauce is used to accompany egg, meat and vegetable dishes or as a sauce in other preparations.

How to improve the taste of tomato sauce

A basic tomato sauce can be used in all kinds of dishes, from pizzas to pasta, through fish, seafood, or lasagna. Now, depending on the recipe you want to make, some spices and ingredients work better than others (a Bolognese, which has meat, is used for pasta, but not for fish). 

For this reason, there are different specific variants on the market for certain dishes. These “special” versions are very comfortable and practical, but also more expensive than the base sauce. Thus, for the economy -and by taste-, we can buy the simplest tomato sauces and customize them at home. The following are some practical ideas:

  1.  Bolognese sauce. We make a sauce or stew of minced meat with onion, garlic, a little wine, and a touch of oregano (or basil). We pour the tomato sauce into the same container and let it finish cooking everything together. We will obtain an enriched and powerful sauce, ideal for pasta dishes with nooks (macaroni, sharks, etc.), which will be filled with this garnished sauce.
  1.  Neapolitan sauce. We add oregano and cooked onion (and in pieces) to the tomato sauce. Thus we will achieve a fine, elegant and aromatic combination that adheres very well to the pasta; especially spaghetti and noodles.
  1.  Marinara sauce. Its name suggests it all. It is used to finish fish dishes in a sauce such as hake or a monkfish, even clams as well. To prepare it, we add to the tomato sauce a sauce of onion and parsley, sweet paprika, and fish broth. The combination is delicious.
  1.  Puttanesca sauce. We make it by adding to the tomato sauce a mixture of canned anchovy, minced garlic, pitted black olives, and some capers, all cut very small. We will achieve an exquisite combination that we can use in all kinds of recipes with tomato sauce, from fish and meat to pasta dishes, of course. However, where it will look best is on pizzas and paninis.
  1. Hot sauce. Add to the tomato sauce a garlic sauce with some chili or red chili rings. We stir and that’s it! A splendid mix to accompany mussels, patatas bravas, or fish, which diners who like strong flavors will appreciate.

The bottom line

Tomato sauce is usually blended, especially if the tomato pulp has many seeds. When serving, just heat the tomato sauce in the pan, add the pasta, and a little of the water in which they boiled, grated Parmesan cheese and refresh everything with fresh basil.

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