Should I add butter to tomato sauce?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Should I add butter to tomato sauce? We will leave you a delicious buttered tomato sauce recipe, and talk about the differences between butter and margarine. 

Should I add butter to tomato sauce?

They say that butter is the secret ingredient that you can add to tomato sauce to enhance its flavor. If you are bored with the classic tomato sauce or if you often do not have so much time to prepare a base that gives it great flavor, there is an ingredient that can help you in a matter of seconds.

Of course, we assure you that the extra fun comes at a cost and that is that this element is somewhat unusual and that is because we often put it in sandwiches or eat it with fruit … but it would rarely occur to us to put it in the sauce of tomato.

These are the steps to follow:

1. Add the peanut butter once you have sautéed the onion and garlic. Although the original portal does not indicate how much you should put in, we appeal to common sense, because nobody wants too much peanut in their pasta.

2. Once this forms a creamy kind, add the tomatoes and simmer.

It’s that easy, but remember that you must warn your guests that it has peanut butter in case anyone is allergic. Also, I hope this doesn’t kill any nonna or enrage the Italians.

Buttered Tomato Sauce Recipe

Ingredients for the butter tomato sauce recipe:

  •  800 gr. peeled tomatoes
  •  1 onion
  •  10 tablespoons of butter
  •  Salt (optional)

How to make the recipe for tomato sauce with butter?

  1. Making the tomato sauce with butter does not have any complications, you just have to have time to make it, but the results will be worth it.
  1. We start the tomato sauce with butter, putting a frying pan on the fire. Inside we will introduce the tomatoes (they can be natural, or those that come whole and peeled and canned), the chopped onion, and the butter. We let everything start to cook over medium-low heat and we will keep it for about 40 minutes (the same a little more). 
  1. During this time, we will have to crush, with the help of a wooden spoon) the tomatoes, until they break (being careful not to jump) and we have a puree. We will do this without haste, since the more time they spend in the pan, the less resistance they will put up.
  1. The buttered tomato sauce will be just right when the sauce thickens and has consistency. When it is ready, we taste and rectify the salt if it is considered necessary. 
  1. Next we have three options, the first is to crush everything, the second is to remove the onion (if we are going to remove it instead of tossing it minced at first, we will throw it in larger pieces), and the third is to leave the onion in small pieces … to taste.

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Butter or margarine: which is better?

Perhaps you have already thought about it: what you eat directly influences how you feel, and the quality of life you give to your body. With the accelerated rhythms of life and the increase of harmful agents for the mind and body, it is essential that people take actions to reinforce health. A good way is to find out what the foods you like the most contain.

In this context, butter and margarine have had a special place in the diet of many people. But, due to a dubious misinformation campaign, most of us believe that butter, like margarine, is unhealthy. But this is just a myth.

Several studies, including that of the National Library of Medicine of the United States and that of the Weston A. The Price Foundation has found that butter is not only not bad, but also carries a lot of benefits for the body and the state of cheer up.

In addition to being a delicious food, it is known that butter was included in the basic diet of many native peoples who enjoyed good health. It’s also been proven to be an immune system ally, so butter eaters can say goodbye to common illnesses. 

Its short and medium chain fatty acids help you lose weight (yes, you are reading that right), even more than olive oil. Contrary to popular belief, butter is not bad for the heart, but it contributes to better health.

On the contrary, margarine does not have the above benefits. This product is nothing more than a “substitute” for butter. Today there are many variations of margarine, but they certainly never resemble butter in taste and nutritional value. 

In fact, in some countries it is prohibited for margarine to be sold under the name “butter”. Also, the benefits of butter are greater than those of margarine.

The bottom line

By adding butter to tomato sauce you will enhance its flavor, make it creamier and thicker. However, it is not mandatory to add either butter or margarine to tomato sauce, especially if you are lactose-intolerant. There are other ways you can make tomato sauce thicker, and we already wrote a few articles on this matter.

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