Running Coffee Through Twice (The benefits)

In this brief guide, we will be answering the question “running coffee through twice” discussing what it means and the pro and cons of this method.

Why is coffee run through twice?

Sometimes one shot of espresso just doesn’t seem right, right?

For a considerably more grounded mug of coffee, one technique you can utilize is called twofold preparing. Twofold prepared espresso can mean all things considered:

  • Coffee that has been brewed twice
  • Coffee that has been brewed with twice the amount of coffee grounds.

The objective from brewing twice, regardless of whether you decide to mix twice or to utilize double the grounds is as yet more grounded coffee – however, there are a couple of things to consider.

Blending coffee twice is somewhat troublesome on the grounds that coffee turns into a much more finicky texture whenever it’s prepared. On the off chance that you overheat the coffee or blend it to an extreme, it draws out a fairly harsh flavor and despite the fact that the coffee will be more grounded, it may not taste as great.

The other method is to brew the coffee a subsequent time. You may believe it’s as straightforward as running it through an espresso machine once more, however that is not the situation.

Some coffee makers are not intended to run coffee through their tanks and lines – and regardless of whether they can, you actually run into the issue of the abnormal flavor with an aftertaste.

The subsequent choice is simple – simply utilize twice the number of grounds (so 24-30 grams rather than only 12-15 grams for a solitary cup) and your coffee will consequently be more grounded.

Benefits of running it through twice

Double brewing means double the caffeine. An amazingly solid cup of double brewed coffee will give you the energy you need to get your day started. You’ll get a shock of caffeine flowing through you. For some, this is what they need to get on with the day, but it may not be for everyone. The caffeine might be excessively overpowering for some and they may find themselves jittery or irritable.

  • More grounded flavor (great for iced coffee)

If you want a double brew, make sure you do it right. It’s an appealing concept, but If not done right, it can turn out disgusting. Double brewing is very ideal for iced coffee, as it packs an excessive punch of caffeine and won’t dilute the flavor of your coffee when you add milk and ice to it. It’s exactly what you need for the summer, but in the winter let’s just stick to hot beverages.

  • Espresso substitute

If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can double brew your coffee to get that bold espresso flavor, which can go really well as lattes or cappuccino

Here are a few techniques you can use

There are a few issues that need to be addressed before you go make your perfect cup of double brew.

  • Technique #1: Using a drip coffee maker or French press

You should be cautious of what machine to use. A drip coffee machine will give you a very smooth cup of coffee, but you cannot run your coffee through it twice. It will ruin the coffee flavor. The alternative is to use a French press, it gives you much more room for mistakes, you can double brew and double filter it for a smoother, stronger coffee.

  • Technique #2: Using a percolator rather than a French press

 A percolator gives you a much stronger coffee than both a French press and a drip coffee maker. The way you can go about this is, make your coffee in a drip coffee maker first, and then add your brewed coffee in a French press with more coffee grounds, this will give you optimum flavor.

  • Strategy #3: Use a percolator twice

Percolators can be utilized twice with new grounds each an ideal opportunity to deliver a striking coffee. Simply make sure to let the bin cool a little prior to placing new grounds into it – on the off chance that you are apprehensive your coffee will get cold as well, at that point just run the crate under some cold water to chill it off.

Be cautious when taking care of the basket as it is exceptionally hot, and it can hurt you.

There are many more methods to go about, but these three are very vastly used and ideal.

Gear required

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Equipment needed for double brewing:

  • A dribble espresso creator
  • A percolator
  • A french press
  • Some extraordinary coffee

What sort of coffee should be used?

That totally depends on you. Here are some acceptable blends to kick off with

  • Utilize medium/medium-light roast twice for incredible coffee, that you want to drink hot.
  • Use a light/medium roast for iced coffee – the mix of light and medium draws out a somewhat striking flavor
  • Utilize dull roasts twice for a very coffee-like solid flavor

Bottom line

Double brewing, or running it through twice, will give you a very strong-tasting coffee. But you have to be cautious about the techniques because if you mess up, you’ll end up with a very bad tasting coffee. There are numerous techniques used, but the ones we have mentioned above work best for us. Be sure to give it a try with your hot or cold coffee beverages.

In this brief guide we have discussed, “running coffee through twice” and all the ins and outs you need to know.


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