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Our Review Board

Dr Anny Manrich (PhD)

Food Scientist

Dr Anny March PhD is a food Engineer with expertise in Food Technology, Natural Polymers, Edible Films, Enzymes, and Nanotechnology.   Dr Anny Manrich’s Highlights:    Research and Technology at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation    PhD in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Biochemistry at the Federal University of Sao Carlos/ Brazil and a…

Dr. Tayse Da Silveira PhD

Food Engineer

Dr Tayse Ferreira F. Da Silveira PhD is a Food Engineer with expertise in Food Science, Food Technology, Food analysis, Chromatography, Mass spectrometry, and Functional Foods. Dr Tayse da Silveira´s Highlights:  Researcher and Lecturer at the Mountain Research Center (MRC), Polytechnic Institute of Brangaça, Portugal.   PhD in Food Science, with a focus on Food…