Is Uber Eats cheaper than Seamless? (+Best features)

This article will discuss if Uber Eats is cheaper than Seamless. We shall also discuss the best features of Uber Eats that customers have fallen in love with. Similarly, we will check out the best features of Seamless that make it such a spectacular food delivery app. While Uber Eats operates in 45 countries, Seamless operates in the United States and London.

Is Uber Eats cheaper than Seamless?

Yes, Uber Eats is cheaper than Seamless when it comes to the delivery fee. However, the difference is not that great and is just a matter of cents. Most food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Seamless are similar in their pricing but differ in certain features which can make the customer favor one more than the other.

Best features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats is certainly one of the best food delivery apps out there today. This food delivery app has a large number of features that any customer will love. The best and most unique of these have been explored in the points below.

Riders can also order food

One spectacular feature that Uber Eats has rolled out is that riders, who are using Uber cabs to get from one place to another, can easily place orders for food. When the ride has begun, the rider will immediately be shown a list of restaurants that are delivering along the way. The customer can easily place an order and pick it up on the way to their destination.

Uber Eats has a map feature

Uber Eats also has a map feature in which the customer can view and explore some local treasures in a particular area. To avail this feature, the customer simply has to pin a certain spot in the map given. The app will immediately show the customer the different restaurants that are operating nearby. This allows the customer to access their food at a much faster rate.

Uber One can be highly advantageous

Uber Eats encourages its customers to avail its monthly subscription called Uber One. The Uber One subscription allows customers to enjoy benefits like zero delivery charges on an unlimited number of orders. This can be availed at a price of $9.99 for a month or $99.99 for the entire year.

It has pre-ordering facilities

Uber Eats also has a pre-ordering feature through which the customer can order their food much beforehand. This can be great for those who are often forgetful or those who have very busy schedules and might find no time to order their meals. This feature in Uber Eats allows customers to order their food up to seven days in advance.

It can be used for group orders

Group orders are also allowed in Uber Eats. These orders can be helpful for large groups were splitting the bill can be a hassle. One person from the group needs to simply create a group order to which the other members can add items and pay for it themselves. The items in the group order all arrive at the same time so that the group members can eat together.

It uses AI

Uber Eats makes extensive use of artificial intelligence in terms of recommendations and suggestions for the customer. The customer in Uber Eats will be shown restaurant options and dishes based on their past ordering history which allows them to make orders in a short span of time.

Best features of Seamless

Seamless was merged with Grubhub sometime back. Nevertheless, the platform has still maintained its quality and still holds thousands of customers loyal to it. Some of the best features in this food delivery app have been explained as follows.

Users can search for food options using filters

Customers can easily search for their food options using the various filters that are available in the app. Through these filters, the customers can make easy choices when it comes to ordering food. The filters in Seamless allow customers to check out restaurants in different categories such as price ranges, time for delivery and even cuisine types.

Modifications to orders can be made

Seamless also allows customers to easily make modifications and changes to their orders. These modifications can be adding portion sizes, additional orders and even changes in the delivery address.

Pre-orders and re-orders are made easy

Another feature that is available in Uber Eats is the pre-order and re-order feature. In this feature, the customer can schedule orders much in advance, before they require it. The re-order feature can be greatly useful for those customers who are creatures of habit and tend to order the same thing over and over again.

Ratings and reviews

Customers who are using the app to order food can also leave ratings on their food orders and review these restaurants. These ratings and reviews can be helpful for other customers who are using the app.



This article has discussed if Uber Eats is cheaper than Seamless. We have also discussed the best features of Uber Eats that customers have fallen in love with. Similarly, we have checked out the best features of Seamless that make it such a spectacular food delivery app.

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