Is there a minimum order for DoorDash? (+3 Alternative apps)

This blogpost will answer if there is a minimum order for DoorDash. We will also be explaining several different ways through which you can save money while ordering food through DoorDash. Lastly, we will be checking out some of the alternatives to DoorDash that exist in the market today.

Is there a minimum order for DoorDash?

Yes, there is a minimum order in DoorDash. If the customer is ordering less than this, they will need to pay a small order fee. The minimum order in DoorDash varies from region to region and is usually from $8 to $10. This is applicable even for those customers who have a DashPass, which is the monthly subscription in DoorDash.

How to save money while ordering from DoorDash?

Using DoorDash and many other food delivery apps has become a norm today, with a large percentage of the population preferring to satiate their hunger through these portals. This is particularly for those who are working very busy schedules and those who do not have access to kitchens. Some ways through which customers can save money on these apps are as follows.

Applying the right filters

The DoorDash food delivery app has categorized its restaurant partners and dishes in to many groups that allow the filters to find the right choices for the customer. The customer can then go ahead and apply filters that match their tastes, cuisines they are looking for, delivery time and even pricing. Through these filters, the most inexpensive restaurants can be brought up first.

Using the DoubleDash feature

DoorDash also has a feature called DoubleDash. Through this feature, the customer can place an order to receive food from a certain restaurant and then be able to order items from nearby convenience stores. The great thing about this is that customers can save money by ordering drinks and sides from stores, which might be more expensive in the restaurant.

Ordering more

Just like every other food delivery app, DoorDash also has a small order fee. This small order fee is applied to only those orders which are below the minimum order amount. To avoid this fee, the customer can place much larger orders. The leftovers can always be placed in the fridge and consumed at a later point in time.

Using promo codes and coupons

There are also tons of promo codes and offers that are available in DoorDash. These promo codes can be found on the app itself and also in other coupon websites. These are often a part of the platform’s marketing schemes in order to bring attention to certain restaurant partners and can definitely help any customer who wants to go easy on their wallet.

Using DashPass

Customers who use DoorDash on a regular basis can save a lot of money by buying a DashPass which is a monthly subscription to this food delivery app. This allows the customer to order an unlimited number of meals and enjoy zero delivery charges. However, they will need to order above the minimum order to avail this offer.

Order when you are not hungry

One more useful tip that customers can find beneficial is to never order when they are hungry. Ordering food while ravenously hungry can cause anyone to order more than what they need and can also tempt them to go for unhealthy junk food. It is better for the body and the bank account when the customer orders much before they are famished.

Order meals in advance

DoorDash also allows customers to order meals much in advance. The great thing about the scheduled deliveries is that they are often free from busy fees or surge prices. Customers can save a ton of money by ordering from restaurants that have certain offers and scheduling them for later.

Alternatives to DoorDash

There are several other food delivery apps that have features and characteristics that are very similar to DoorDash. The best of these have been listed in the points below.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps today and operates in six continents. Among all the food delivery apps, Uber Eats seems to be the one with the best ratings and also the cheapest delivery fee. Uber Eats brings plenty of advantages to customers such as the Uber One pass and even pre-ordering.


GrubHub is also one of the pioneers in the food delivery market. GrubHub also has a very useful map search option through which customers can explore restaurants and eateries that operate very close to them, thus ensuring fast and smooth delivery. Customers can additionally choose to pre-order their meals much in advance, making it convenient for busy folks.


Zomato is an Indian-origin food delivery app and has an extensive library of features that customers will definitely love. Through Zomato, customers can save plenty of money using the promo codes and offers that are often rolled out in the app. Zomato also allows priority delivery and no-contact delivery as part of its COVID-19 measures.


This blogpost has answered if there is a minimum order for DoorDash. We have also explained several different ways through which you can save money while ordering food through DoorDash. Lastly, we have checked out some of the alternatives to DoorDash that exist in the market today.

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