Is the egg and oatmeal diet good for weight loss?

This brief guide will answer the query “Is the egg and oatmeal diet good for weight loss?”. Additionally, it presents information regarding the nutritional composition of both foods and why they are good for weight loss. Finally, you will find some tips on how to incorporate both foods in a healthy diet.

Is the egg and oatmeal diet good for weight loss?

Egg and oatmeal diet is not an official diet, instead, it is a popular diet based on consuming just egg and oatmeal. However, this is not healthy nor sustainable. But you can incorporate both egg and oatmeal in a healthy diet for weight loss, because they are good sources of high-quality protein and fiber (1,2).

Why do eggs and oatmeal make a good pair for weight loss?

Eggs and oatmeal are a good pair for weight loss because they are good sources of proteins and fiber, respectively (1,2). You can find the nutritional composition of both foods below.

 OatmealEgg (whole egg)
Carbohydrates (g/100 g)64.700.72
Fiber (g/100 g)10.100.00
Fats (g/100 g)6.529.51
Protein (g/100 g)13.1512.60

Adapted from USDA FoodData Central (1,2).

Egg contains high quality proteins, because there is no amino acid missing in these proteins, they are the best for your body (3).

Complete proteins help you for building muscles and organs; create immune cells which protect you; in addition, proteins are building blocks for hormones and enzymes which ensures that everything works well in your metabolism (3,4).

On the other hand, fiber is mostly related to regulating your digestion and reducing your risk of having cardiovascular diseases (5).

Nevertheless, they also contribute to weight loss!

How much of Tuna and oatmeal could you eat for weight loss?

You should consume a maximum of 339 g of tuna a week. Tuna can accumulate toxic metals like mercury, mercury is a heavy metal in sea and oceans due to natural occurrence or from industry activities (6).

This metal is highly toxic! The consumption in the long term (around 10-20 years) could lead to poisoning and even death (7).

You can consume between 100 – 200 g of oatmeal (about 0.5 or 1 cup of 0.24 l) to see all the benefits of it; for example, reducing weight, waist circumference, blood levels of cholesterol or glucose (8).

What is the role of protein in weight loss?

The role of protein in weight loss is mainly by helping you feel satiety with lesser food, this will reduce your overall calorie intake. Besides, higher muscle mass could increase your energy requirements, so it will be easier to reach an energy deficit (the goal for height loss) (9,10).

What is the role of fiber in weight loss?

Fiber is good for weight loss because it also promotes satiety with lesser food. Hence, your energy intakes could be lowered (11).

Moreover, fiber is fermented in your gut, and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria (your microbiota). Recent studies have shown that some of those bacteria could stimulate the synthesis of hormones that regulates your appetite (12).

Potential health benefits of incorporating Egg and Oatmeal in your diet?

The high-quality proteins in eggs help you build muscle mass and improve your recovery after exercise (3).

Additionally, eggs are a good source of vitamins (all B vitamins and vitamin D) and minerals (iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and selenium). These micronutrients will ensure a good metabolism and usage of all nutrients and improve your immune system (13).

Oatmeal contains soluble fiber that can help reduce your glucose levels in blood, improving your sensitivity to insulin. You will be consuming antioxidants (polyphenols) and minerals (like selenium and magnesium) in oatmeal, these components are good for preventing some cancer and cardiovascular diseases (14).

What are the potential drawbacks and risks of the egg and oatmeal diet?

There are several risks and drawbacks of an Egg and Oatmeal Diet. As it was mentioned at the beginning of this article, the egg and oatmeal diet is not an official diet. Consuming only egg and oatmeal could lead you to nutritional deficiencies (15).

Even if there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in both foods, they cannot give your body all micronutrients. A healthy diet is always composed of vegetables, fruits, meat products, and legumes that provide you with antioxidants, and different vitamins, minerals, and proteins (15).

Moreover, there always can be the risks of allergy. If you are allergic to egg’s protein or oatmeal’s protein, you should not consume these foods. You can look for other sources of proteins like dairy, red meats, or fish; the oatmeal can be replaced with other high protein whole-grain like sorghum (15).

How to incorporate egg and oatmeal in your diet?

You can combine egg and oatmeal in a single dish like this recipe of Quaker’s.

But you can also consume them separately, the oatmeal could be in an oatmeal bread, in a milk-based beverage, or in a bowl of fruit and yogurt.

Eggs are very versatile, you can prepare them as you prefer, but here are some ideas for you!


In this brief guide, it was answered the query “Are Egg and Oatmeal Diet good for weight loss?”. Additionally, it presented information regarding the nutritional composition of both foods and why they are good for weight loss. Finally, you found some tips on how to incorporate both foods in a healthy diet.


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