Is sweet chili sauce the same as chili jam

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “Is sweet chili sauce the same as Chili jam?” and answer other similar related questions like “how can I make sweet Chili sauce?”


Is sweet Chili sauce the same as Chili jam?

No, sweet Chili sauce is not the same as Chili jam. However, they are prepared in a similar way and use nearly the same ingredients. In the case of sweet Chili sauce, pectin is not used.

Pectin is an ingredient that is used in the preparation of Chili jam. The sauce will remain syrupy. The main or key difference between sweet chili sauce and Chili jam is that the sauce is thick, dense, and concentrated.  Jam has a soft jelly-like structure, appearance. 

How to make Sweet Chili sauce?

Sweet chili sauce can be easily prepared at home.

Equipment required:

To make sweet Chili sauce, just the basic kitchen tools are required i.e., a food processor. A stainless steel or enamel saucepan, preferably a heavy pan. Though gloves are not required or necessary, it is advisable to wear a pair for handling the chillies. This will help prevent any kitchen accidents. 

Ingredients required:

For about 2 cups of roughly chopped chillies, the following are the ingredients required to make Sweet Chili sauce:

  1. 250ml of red pepper, roasted and peeled. They can also be used from a packed can or bottle.

  2. Peeled cloves of garlic. Around 2 to 3 pieces.

  3. Small pieces of ginger root. It should be thoroughly peeled. You may roughly chop the ginger or grate it.

  4. A few small whole chillies. Preferred especially if they are hot and very spicy ones.

  5. Half a liter of white wine and/or cider vinegar. They can be mixed together too. Half a bottle of white wine vinegar and half cider can be mixed.

  6. Around half a kilo of brown or white sugar as per preference.


Preparing sweet Chili sauce:

  1. Start by cutting down the chillies from the center. Remove and scrape out all the seeds with the help of a small vegetable knife and a teaspoon. Keep aside all the seeds. May come in handy for use in some other dish. It is okay if a few seeds are left out. Some seeds are hard to remove.

  2. Place the chillies in a bowl. Add (red) pepper, garlic pieces and ginger to it. Mix them fully and properly. Empty the bowl into the jar of the food processor. Press the pulse until the chillies, pepper and garlic mixture are processed into small pieces. Be sure to not turn it into a pulpy liquid.

  3. Empty the jar onto a saucepan. Add the aforementioned amount of sugar and other ingredients to form a mixture. If a few small whole chillies are available, pierce them from the middle and add them as it is to the mixture in the pan.

  4. It is important to make sure the pan is only fifty per cent filled. The mixture may boil over. Keep the flame at medium levels. Slowly, keep stirring the mixture to dissolve the sugar fully.

  5. Increase the flame level, and bring the mixture to the point of boiling.

  6. Let the mixture boil for about 25 minutes. At this stage, the bubbles will reduce in size and will be fine looking. As a result, the mixture will begin to turn slightly darker.

  7. Keep a watch on the pan. The mixture should and must look thick & syrupy.

  8. Keep stirring the mixture occasionally to make sure it does not burn. The sweet chili sauce should be ready in around 25-30 minutes.

  9. It can be used as dips, bread spread, with fried foods, barbecue, hamburgers, tacos, rice, many varieties of Asian dishes, etc.

What is Chili jam?

Chili jams are deliciously paired with savory food items such as, when served as a condiment on the side of a plate, accompanied with a cheeseboard or can be added to sandwiches or served with other dishes.

Chili jams are usually a combination of fruit i.e., Chillies, sugar, pectin, vinegar, etcetera.  The jam is prepared using the ingredient pectin. The set is naturally found in some fruits like quinces, apple lemons, etcetera. Alternatively, jam sugar can also be used. Chili jam is often seen as a hybrid chutney – jam hybrid.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed and answered the query, “Is sweet Chili sauce the same as Chili jam?” and answered other related questions like “What is the best substitute which can be used as an alternative to Chili jam?”