Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?

In this brief text, we will provide the answer to the question: “Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?”. In addition, we will discuss whether Peet’s coffee is owned by Starbucks.

Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?

Not really, Starbucks actually has better coffee when it comes to comparing the two. While everyone has their personal preferences, most coffee-to-go consumers prefer Starbucks, because Starbucks has a greater number of stores, greater variety, quality of Frappuccinos, differentiated products and because Starbucks offers free downloads on iTunes.


There are 23,305 Starbucks stores worldwide with 13,049 in the United States 23,305. Even in small towns around the world, Starbucks has stores on almost every street corner. And in other countries, in almost all capitals.


The menu at Peet’s is classic, reminiscent of old and respected coffee shops, while the menu at Starbucks is rich in novelties and full of choices. In addition, Starbucks food is more “tasty”, as we can find muffins, cakes and cookies, while at Peet’s we only find some oatmeal cakes and few take away options.

In addition, you can find at Starbucks a vast bakery menu, which is totally inspired by the La Boulange bakery menu in San Francisco. In addition, Starbucks offers lighter options for those on a diet.

Mixed drink battle

Starbucks’ Frappuccinos have achieved a cult status that Peet’s Freddos only wish they had. While there have been positive reviews from Freddos, the Frappacanio has reigned supreme for years and shows no signs of relinquishing its number one position. And if you’re a choice person, Starbucks has thirty Frappuccino offerings, Peet’s has only thirteen.

Peet’s remains in its coffee comfort zone

Meanwhile Peet’s remains in its coffee comfort zone, Starbucks is experimenting, innovating and expanding. While there have been a few failures.

Is Peet’s coffee owned by Starbucks?

Yes, the founder of Starbucks, Jerry Baldwin,has purchased 4 Peet locations from Sal Bonavita. In 1987, Baldwin sold Starbucks to focus on Peet’s and in 2001, incorporated as Peet’s Coffee and Tea Company.

Peet has always had a passion for coffee beans, and at his Peet’s Coffee, when selling beans, for the customer’s choice, he served small cups of the drink just for tasting and choosing the bean for consumption. When choosing, the customer accompanied Alfred to the grinder, weighed small amounts, and sold him in small packages. 

It was so successful that it opened more stores, 4, all repeating the same format, never losing its essence_ talking about grains, their origins, smells, flavors, presenting the best coffee in the world to the American market.

So much so that he became known as “the godfather of gourmet coffee in the US”. Although he sold Peet’s in 1979, at the age of 59, he maintained his activities there, buying coffee and as a consultant until 1983. 

Is Peet’s coffee organic?

Peet’s organic coffee is “Peet’s People and Planet Organic French Roast Coffee”, which is USDA certified, meaning it is grown according to the methods and standards set by the USDA. 

The term organic means that the coffee was grown by sustainable and agroecological means, without using industrial or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, only natural. In addition, there is no use of genetically modified organisms. Starbucks and Peet’s sell several coffee beans that are certified organic.

Is Peet’s coffee oat milk gluten free?

The ingredients used in all Peet’s Coffee food products are gluten-free in nature. However, some drinks are made in the same environment, however, the drinks are made in an environment where foods with gluten are processed and gluten may be present. The establishment’s drinks are not gluten-free, but all brand employees and collaborators are trained to avoid cross-contamination.

All coffee beans are naturally gluten-free. In fact, all coffee beans and tea leaves are gluten-free – just as nature intended. Once roasted and ground, coffee does not contain gluten. Even plain instant coffee is gluten-free.

What drinks do you need to try at Peet’s Coffee?

At Peet’s coffee you need to try Black Tie, Latte Macchiato, Iced White Mocha, Caffé Con Panna and Coffee with cold fermented milk.

The Black Tie. If you’re facing a long shopping list, Black Tie is just what you need.

Latte Macchiato. Latte Macchiato is a local favorite and a must-try for coffee lovers.

Iced White Mocha. Is made using espresso shot, white chocolate, non-skimmed milk, and ice. In addition they use vanilla whipped cream on top of it.

Cafe Con Panna. Which means “espresso with cream” in Italian, is a single or double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream.

Coffee with cold fermented milk. Kefir usually resembles dairy flavors and as everyone knows, coffee with this type of flavor is very well accepted by a large part of the population.

Depending on the type of drink you want, you can add kefir to substrates other than water, such as coffee, brown sugar with water, juices, among others.


In this brief text, we provided the answer to the question: “Is Peet’s coffee better than Starbucks’?”. In addition, we discussed whether Peet’s coffee is owned by Starbucks.


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