Is Oreos chocolate?

In this article, we will answer the question “Is Oreos chocolate”? and discuss is oreo vegan? 

Is Oreos chocolate?

No, Oreos are not chocolate. Oreo is a sandwich cookie that originated from America usually consisting of two biscuits with cream filling. Oreo’s cookies are available in more than a hundred countries, probably the best-selling biscuits in the world.

Nutrition facts

Serving size= 1 each      Calories= 77

Amount/serving                                                      Percent daily value (%DV)                          

Total fat 3.3g                                                                               5%

Sat fat 0.9g                                                                        5%

Trans fat 0g                                                                                   

Cholesterol 0mg                                                                            0%

Sodium 66mg                                                                                3%

Tol. Carb. 12.1g                                                                            9%

  Dietary fiber 0.4g                                                               1%

  Sugar 6.6g                                                                                        

Protein 0.7g


The ingredients that are used in making oreo cookies include flour, sugar, fat, leavening agent, salt,  cocoa powder, emulsifier and aroma. No colourants are used in Oreo cookies.

Flour with sugar and fats create the basic structure of the cookies. Leavening agents ensure the crunchiness of biscuits. Sugar, salt and aroma add flavour to the cookies. Emulsifier makes the processing easy and cocoa powder is for flavour and colour.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder prepared from cocoa beans by the process of fermentation. In the first step, ferment the cocoa beans then dry them and make a paste. This paste is called cocoa mass which is the combination of cocoa butter and dry cocoa ingredients.

Cocoa powder is obtained by pressing out the fat from the cocoa mass. We can obtain the black colour of cocoa powder by alkalization.

Types of oreo cookies

The main types of oreo cookies are:

Double Stuf Oreo

Double Stuf Oreo is the type of oreo that was introduced in 1974. This type has double the amount of cream as compared to normal. It has many flavours like chocolate, peanut butter, original, birthday cake and cool mint.

Football Oreo

This type of oreo has a shape like a football and these cookies were introduced in 1976.

Big Stuf Oreo

This type of oreo cookie was introduced in 1987 and discontinued in 1991. These had a bigger size compared to normal.

Golden Oreo

It was first introduced in 2004, in this type instead of chocolate wafer golden vanilla flavour wafers are used. It has many flavours like chocolate, lemon and original.

Oreo Mini

This type of oreo was introduced in1991 and then discontinued in the late 1990s and again released in 2000. It has many flavours like lemon, strawberry, original etc.

Mega Stuf Oreo

This type is similar to Double Stuf, even better than the previous one. It was introduced in 2013.

Oreo Thins

This type is about 66% thinner than the original Oreo cookie and has both golden and chocolate wafers, and flavours include mint, chocolate and lemon. It was introduced in July 2015.

Chocolate Oreo

Chocolate oreo has chocolate cream filling instead of vanilla flavour filling.

Mint Oreo 

Type of oreo has mint flavour filling cream with chocolate wafers.

The Most Stuf 

It is the limited edition of oreo that has 4 times more filling cream.


Gluten-free oreo has both types that are original and Double Stuf. It will be released in January 2021.

Is Oreos Vegan?

Oreos are vegan and a dairy-free snack. These cookies contain no milk. Most of the oreo cookies are vegan with few exceptions in which honey, an animal-based product, is used. But it can be contaminated by equipment. So, if someone has a dairy allergy, he/she should avoid oreo cookies.

Vegan oreo ice cream

From vegan oreo, you can make vegan oreo ice cream by adding oreo into the vanilla ice cream.

Vegan oreo milkshake

If you love milkshakes, you can make vegan oreo milkshakes by blending ice cream and vegan oreo. This is the perfect recipe for a dairy-free shake.

Can your dogs eat oreo cookies?

Oreos are a tempting treat for dogs because it is very delicious. But it is not a good choice for your dog. Is it bad for dogs due to cocoa powder? The answer is no. Not chocolate but other ingredients that make them bad for dogs.

Don’t feed oreo cookies to your dog. Even if it is not poisonous you should avoid feeding them to your dogs. This is not because of chocolate as oreo cookies do not have enough chocolate to cause toxicity. 

Oreo cookies have no nutritional value for your dog. Instead, processed cookies have adverse effects and your dog may gain weight and become sluggish.

Oreo cookies have artificial making that makes them a bad choice for dogs. If your dog ingests a package of oreo biscuits don’t panic. But if your dog eats oreo in bulk, contact your vet immediately.  


In this article, we answered the question “Is Oreos chocolate”? and discussed are oreo vegan? 

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