Is it safe to use debit card on Uber Eats? (+9 Uber Eats features)

This article will discuss if it is safe to use a debit card on Uber Eats. We will also list the other types of payment methods that are available in Uber Eats. Furthermore, we will be discussing the top features of Uber Eats that make it such a highly-rated and popular food delivery app. Uber Eats is present in six continents and operates across more than 45 countries.

Is it safe to use debit card on Uber Eats?

Yes, it is safe to use debit cards on Uber Eats. Uber and Uber Eats take the safety of their customers very seriously. The entire app is data encrypted and thus the information of the customer, including the payment information can never be stolen from here. Due to the high levels of encryption in the app, the information is well-protected from hackers.

Types of payment methods in Uber Eats

Uber Eats allows its customers to pay for their food orders using a number of payment methods. The various payment methods that are accepted in Uber Eats have been listed below.

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards, but no prepaid cards are allowed in Uber Eats
  • Online banking through multiple banks
  • Digital wallets such as Apple pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay
  • Uber cash
  • Cash, only in some countries

Top features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a number of features that make it such a versatile app. Some of the best features that customers can find in Uber Eats have been described in the section below.

Uber Eats has a pre-order feature

In Uber Eats, the customer can order their food much in advance through the pre-order feature. By using this feature, the customer in Uber Eats can schedule their order up to seven days in advance. They will also be notified of the proceedings of the food order through push notifications or alerts.

It allows various payment methods

Multiple payment methods are allowed in Uber Eats. The customers here can pay for their food order through credit cards, debit cards and online banking. They can also pay through digital wallets such as Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. In addition to these, the customer can also choose to pay through Uber cash or cash itself in some countries.

It has a map feature

Uber Eats has recently introduced a map feature. Through this feature, the customer can easily pick a certain location on the map that is given and be shown multiple restaurants and eateries that are operating nearby. This feature can be great for those who like to explore and those who want their food order to be delivered quickly.

It has a group order feature

There is also a group order feature in Uber Eats that can be great for parties and work places. In this feature, one member of the group can create a group order on the Uber Eats app and send a link to the other members of the group. Using this link, the other members can add their own items. The group can decide to even split the bill by using this feature.

Even riders can order food

Customers of Uber Eats who are using the ride-hailing facilities of Uber can also order food. Once the ride starts, the rider will be notified of restaurants that are operating on the route. Using this, the rider can place an order in any one of these and pick it up on the way to their destination. This can be great for those who are coming home to an empty fridge.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats has a membership program called Uber One which can be highly advantageous for those who tend to use the app on a regular basis. The Uber One membership can be purchased at a cost of $9.99 for every month or $99.99 for the whole year. Through this membership, the customer can avail a number of advantages such as zero delivery charges on all orders.

It uses push notifications

Uber Eats alerts the customer of the various steps in that order by means of push notifications. In addition to push notifications, the customer can also track the live location of their delivery person through live tracking. Uber Eats has an inbuilt map feature for this purpose. The customer will thus be aware of any delays or changes in their food order through this feature.

It has smart filters

There are also many smart filters that are present in Uber Eats. Through these filters, the users can search for specific types of restaurants and also certain options that meet specific nutritional requirements. In addition to these filters, the AI used in Uber Eats brings very smart recommendations for the customer, thus simplifying their process.

It has a large collection

The most important advantage in Uber Eats is the very large collection of restaurants and eateries that are easily available here. The customer can access high-end restaurants as well as small shacks in the same space. Uber Eats thus has something for everyone in it.

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This article has discussed if it is safe to use a debit card on Uber Eats. We have also listed the other types of payment methods that are available in Uber Eats. Furthermore, we have discussed the top features of Uber Eats that make it such a highly-rated and popular food delivery app.

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