Is it safe to eat fast food without a gallbladder?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you eat fast food without a gallbladder?” We will also discuss why the gallbladder goes bad and options of daily diet and fast food for people that have had gallbladder removal surgery.

Can you eat fast food without a gallbladder?


Yes, you can eat your favorite fast food without a gallbladder but not right after the surgery and always in moderation and with medical consent. After the surgery, you should follow the recommendations for your diet and wait for your body to recover from the procedure.

The gallbladder is used to collect and concentrate bile, releasing it when you eat to aid the digestion of fat and when the gallbladder is removed, bile is less concentrated and drains more continuously into the intestines, and it may give you diarrhea eating fatty foods as like fast food. 

Why does the gallbladder go bad?

The gallbladder is an oval-shaped organ found underneath the liver that stores, concentrates, and releases bile when necessary for the digestion of fats, but if it becomes infected or develops stones, it may need to be removed.

Gallstones are small stones, usually made of cholesterol, that are formed in the gallbladder. They are very common and usually do not cause any symptoms and therefore do not need treatment.

But if by any chance you are experiencing tummy pain, fever and your skin and eyes are yellow, your case may require a cholecystectomy, a gallbladder removal surgery. Whether due to gallstone clogging a duct or a large amount of calcium in the gallstones may require remotion.

The formation of gallstones is associated with high cholesterol levels as well as with age (the risk increases as you get older), gender (women, especially mothers, are more likely ), and body mass (overweight or obese are more willing to)

What foods to eat and not to eat after gallbladder surgery?

There’s no standard diet regimen but avoiding fatty, greasy, oily, processed, and sugary foods may help minimize problems with diarrhea, agonizing gas, and swelling after you’ve had your gallbladder out.

Instead of fatty sauces and processed meats, you can opt for fat-free or low-fat foods with no more than 3 grams of fat per serving, such as fish filet (except salmon, anchovies, tuna, and sardines) or chicken breast, and use sauces based on low-fat yogurt or tomato sauce.

Increasing the fiber in your diet can help normalize bowel movements. Soluble fiber present in oats and fruits are great options but start your consumption gradually so as not to worsen the pain and gas. 

Now that there is no gallbladder to aid in the digestion of fats, opt for smaller, more frequent meals. A healthy meal should include small amounts of lean protein, along with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Limiting caffeine, dairy, and sweet foods can be also important to heal from diarrhea.

What are the best options for fast food for people without a gallbladder?

As we saw, the ideal diet is looking for whole foods, and vegetables and avoiding fatty and sugary meals. Said that the principle to follow when you are craving some food is to question yourself:

  • Can I cook that meal with an alternative recipe?
  • Can I go to this restaurant that I’m craving and choose in a balanced way or will I overeat and binge?
  • Can I Imagine other foods with more fiber and less fat that I could substitute for what I am craving?

After answering that in your mind, if you believe that you can eat in a balanced way, you could try ordering one main item and one healthy side. For example, in McDonald’s, you could order a Quarter Pounder®* with Cheese Deluxe and Apple Slices as a Side.

But if your hunger can be satisfied with another alternative, choose a restaurant that offers more healthy options. According to Healthline, you can find nutritious options in large chains present in the United States.

Chipotle has a variety of burritos, tacos, and salads with which you can choose your meat, veggies, rice, and beans. Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A has grilled chicken nuggets and salads as well as multigrain oatmeal and Subway has whole-grain bread and plenty of vegetables.

These are just a few options but most fast food restaurants will have some alternative that is not fried and/or has vegetables, it’s just a matter of adapting your taste and leaving the extravagances for special occasions.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you eat fast food without a gallbladder?” We have also discussed why the gallbladder goes bad and options of daily diet and fast food for people that have had gallbladder removal surgery.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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