Is it safe to eat farmed shrimp?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question, “is it safe to eat farmed shrimp?”. As well, we will discuss what is farmed shrimp, how long can a shrimp live, are there bad producers of shrimp, and other concerns about farmed shrimp. 

Is it safe to eat farmed shrimp?

Yes, it is safe to eat farmed shrimp, however, the shrimp need to be approved by the federal authorities which ensures the farmed shrimp comes from a trustworthy origin, that applies good manufacturing practices and control programs.

What is farmed shrimp?

Farmed shrimp are produced in a controlled environment, and wild shrimp are fished in their natural habitat. There are producers of shrimp who apply good manufacturing practices and control programs, which will contribute to a safe farmed shrimp for human consumption.

Are there bad producers of shrimp?

Yes, for sure. There are producers of shrimp that do not respect the limit of population and produce too many shrimp at the same time in the same environment, which will be a danger because of the stress on shrimps and they become more susceptible to diseases.

Why has the rumor about the farmed shrimps been bad?

In the decade 90, the white spot disease spared all shrimps from Asia, and to control that, almost all the farms around the globe started to use antibiotics in the water where the shrimp were cultivated, but some countries chose a different method to control the disease.

What methods were used to control the disease?

An example is from Ecuador, which controls the white spot or other diseases by helping the shrimps to grow their resistance. Nowadays the shrimp from Ecuador has a booster resistance by natural process and the diet helps to keep the immune system healthy.   

Where are shrimps produced?

Shrimp is produced around the world, like that, you need to be careful when buying shrimp because there are some origins that it is not safe to eat farmed shrimp and you should avoid them. 

How long can a shrimp live?

Shrimps have a significant part in the food chain as they serve as food fonts for other larger animals, but normally, shrimps can live for 1 to 7 years. Shrimp are extensive and abundant.

How can I know if the fresh shrimp is safe? 

When you go to buy shrimp, the federal agency Food and Drug Administration recommends buying just if the seafood is refrigerated or arranged on a wide bed of fresh ice. You can check some suggestions below. 

  • The seafood can never smell ammonia or sour;
  • The smell coming from the shrimp needs to be mild and fresh;
  •  The flesh needs to be clear as a pearl;
  • Some labels of seafood have the time/temperature controls that display if the shrimp has been kept at the correct temperature. 

Is there some website about the origin of farmed shrimp?

Yes, there is a website that helps you to know if a specific shrimp is good for consumption, using information like species of shrimp, the country produced, fishing gear, the body of water, and some other details. You can click here to access this helpful website, SeaFoodWatch.

What do I need to know if I will buy frozen shrimp?

When you are going to buy frozen shrimp, you need to pay attention if the package is not damaged or kneaded. Take care of signs of crystals or frost ice, which indicates the shrimp were defrosted and refrozen.

How can I defrost frozen shrimps?

To defrost frozen shrimps properly, you just need to keep them in the refrigerator, then they will defrost at a safe temperature. It is not recommended to defrost frozen shrimps at room temperature. 

How can I store shrimp? 

If the shrimp will be consumed within 2 days after being bought, you can keep it in a clean refrigerator (40°F or below). If you know that you are not using the shrimp, it’s better to freeze it as soon as possible. To know more about it, you can click here.  

What recipes can I make with fresh shrimp? 

As the shrimp are abundant worldwide you can find many different methods of cooking shrimp. A well-made shrimp can match various side dishes. If you click here you will find 30 good recipes for shrimps. Enjoy it.    


In this brief guide, we have discussed the question, “is it safe to eat farmed shrimp?”. As well, we have discussed how long can a shrimp live, how long can a shrimp live, are there bad producers of shrimp, and other concerns about farmed shrimp. 

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