Is it safe to eat edamame beans when pregnant?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question, “is it safe to eat edamame beans when pregnant?”. As well, we will discuss what are edamame beans, how it’s safe to eat edamame beans, what are the problems related to edamame beans, and other concerns about soy food. 

Is it safe to eat edamame beans when pregnant?

Yes, it’s safe to eat edamame beans while pregnant, but you need to eat them in moderation and take care because it’s not safe to eat raw edamame beans even if you are not pregnant. Therefore to be safe to eat, you need to cook edamame beans.

How is it safe to eat edamame beans?

If you are pregnant or not, it’s not recommended to eat raw edamame beans, so it’s necessary to cook them properly and eat them in moderation. Commonly, the edamame is cooked boiling for 3 to 5 minutes or you can roast them for 20 minutes (375°F/190°C). It’s usually eaten in salad or alone.  

What are edamame beans?

Edamame beans are considered a vegetable and soybeans but in an immature stage. The edamame beans it’s typically from East Asia and usually, you will find them as whole edamame, attached to the pod.

What are the problems related to edamame beans?

Edamame beans have in your compound the isoflavones, which are transformed into phytoestrogens in the organism. Phytoestrogens are a chemical substance that can be compared to estrogen, a feminine hormone, but with less activity than human estrogen.

Can I have problems if I eat phytoestrogens?

As edamame beans or other soy foods have a compound that is transformed into phytoestrogens by the organism, so it’s recommended to eat edamame beans in moderation, but besides that, the effect of phytoestrogens is weaker.  

Do edamame beans have beneficial nutrients?

Yes, edamame beans have different beneficial nutrients being a source of high-quality protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, and K vitamins. As edamame beans are soy foods, they can be compared as an alternative to red meat and contain nine essential amino acids.

What are the health benefits of eating soy foods?

The nutritionist, Gina Waggot, compiled several studies about the health benefits of soy foods for pregnant women. Just keep in mind, that is just beneficial when eating in moderation. Below you can check some benefits.

  • Can lower the chance of preeclampsia or birth defects;
  • Avoid anemia by assisting the formation of red blood cells;
  • Avoid problems of preterm birth;
  • Assist the development of bones baby;
  • Assist the blood clotting;
  • Assist the development of proteins in the liver. 

Why do some people have fear of soy foods? 

A study by Harvard pointed out that soy is beneficial or has an unprejudiced effect on several health conditions and can be safely consumed many times a week. However, negative claims such as breast cancer, dementia, and thyroid problems haven’t been supported. 

What are other types of soy foods?

You can find similar nutrients in all soy foods. Soy foods can be found as unfermented and fermented. Some examples of unfermented are soy milk, soybeans, edamame, tofu, soy burger, and soy cheese. Some examples of fermented are soy sauce, natto, tempeh, and miso.  

Where can I buy soy foods?

As there are different types of soy foods, you will find many of them at the supermarket, but you will also find them online. With the growth of vegetarianism or veganism, the search for alternatives to meats developed new processed foods with soy, like the soy burger.   

What are fermented soy foods?

Any type of fermented food means that the food goes through a fermenting process by a culture with different beneficial microorganisms, like mold, bacteria, and yeast. An example of fermented food that you can always find at the supermarket is Yakult. Fermented foods enhance the digestibility and absorption in the organism.  

Can I freeze edamame beans?

Yes, you can freeze edamame beans, but it’s recommended to cook them before freezing them. When you eat the frozen edamame beans, you should re-heated them. 

What is a recipe for edamame beans?

If you look on the internet, you will find different ways of recipes for edamame beans, such as the whole edamame, just the beans, or mixed into other foods. If you click here, you will find 13 delicious edamame recipes for salads, wraps, dips, sushi, and noodles.  

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In this brief guide, we have discussed the question, “is it safe to eat edamame beans when pregnant?”. As well, we have discussed what are edamame beans, how it’s safe to eat edamame beans, what are the problems related to edamame beans, and other concerns about soy food. 

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