Is it safe to eat duck when pregnant?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question, “is it safe to eat duck when pregnant?”. As well, we will discuss what a duck is, where you can buy it, how to choose duck meat, the importance of eating fully cooked duck, the health benefits, and other concerns about duck meat.

Is it safe to eat duck when pregnant?

Yes, it’s safe to eat duck when you are pregnant, but the meat needs to be fully cooked to be safe to eat. The duck meat contains many nutrients and provides health benefits for the mother.

What is a duck?

Duck belongs to the family of the poultry. The duck is considered white meat and its flavor is relished worldwide. As this meat is consumed all over the world, the method of cooking may vary from region to region. 

Where can I find duck meat? 

There are commercial ducks with grades like A, B, or C. Grades A and B can be bought in markets and food stores, and the C is sold just for industries for use in commercial products. The ducks from Grade A are the greatest and contain the most meat. 

How do I choose duck meat?

If you’re gonna buy a whole duck, prefer ducks that are at least 6 months old and weigh 1.5 to 3.5 kilograms ensuring tender well-off meat for cooking, and pay attention if the meat breast is enveloped with rigid skin. If the duck is frozen you can look for circular and plump features.  

Can I find duck parts?

You can also find duck parts which normally are breasts and hindquarters. The breasts part contains a boneless piece of meat that can be skinless or skinned. The hindquarters contain the thigh and leg.

Is duck meat fat?

Duck meat usually contains a great portion of fat when compared to cow meat. When cooking, the fat will drop from the duck and might result in smoking, in this way it is needed to study a better way to roast duck meat.  

How should I store the duck?

If you bought a fresh duck, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days for the greatest flavor, and remember to take out any giblets or whatever is in the cavity of the duck. If you bought a frozen duck and will use it in the next few days, you can keep it in the refrigerator, but if not it’s better to keep it frozen and keep it in the freezer.     

Why does the duck need to be fully cooked?

Pregnants need to be more careful when eating meat because raw or undercooked meat can contain harmful microorganisms for the mother and maybe for the baby, but when it’s cooked properly it kills the bacteria. Therefore it’s important to eat just fully cooked ducks.

How to fully cook the duck?

The duck requires to be cooked all the way. You can roast the whole duck as:

  • Per 450g use 20 mins plus 20 extra mins;
  • Cooking Temperature: 350°F/180°C.

Does eating ducks have health benefits?

Magnificent Source of Protein 

The duck is well in high-quality protein, that contains many different amino acids a pregnant woman needs. These nutrients assist the infant’s growth, as well improving the body’s immunity system. For the mother, it is also good because it maintains the skin healthily.

Ups the Hemoglobin Count

Duck meat has a lot of iron and hemoglobin is a protein that contains iron and is responsible for the transport of oxygen to the body’s tissues. A pregnant woman needs double the quantity of iron that is used by the organism to produce more hemoglobin to decrease the risk of anemia.  

Immunity Supporter

A lot of antioxidants are contained in the duck meat, mainly the selenium which is a mineral that helps the baby by protecting cells from damage and assisting in the regulation of many enzymatic functions in the mother’s body.

Ups Cellular Metabolism

The duck contains another mineral, zinc, which helps with the efficiency of cellular metabolism and also helps keep the mother’s immune system strong to uphold the baby safely. The maintenance of an efficient cellular metabolism is important because it permits the organisms to grow, support their body’s structure and reproduce.  

Increase Nervous System

Duck meat is also high in vitamin B5 and B12. The two assist the performance of the nervous system during the development of the fetus. Vitamin B5 supports making vital chemicals in nerve signaling. B12 assists by protecting the nerve from damage.   

What is the recipe for cooking ducks?

As we discuss, there are many different methods to cook duck meat. You will find recipes with the whole duck or parts of the duck. Usually, the whole duck is cooked in the oven, but the parts can also be made that way. You can check a recipe for whole duck meat by clicking here.


In this guide, we have discussed the question “is it safe to eat duck when pregnant?”. We have also discussed what a duck is, where you can buy it, how to choose duck meat, the importance of eating fully cooked duck, the health benefits, and other concerns about duck meat.

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