Is it bad to put hot coffee in the fridge?

In this text we will answer the question: “Is it bad to put hot coffee in the fridge?”. In addition, we will discuss if coffee beans can be refrigerated and we will also discuss what is the best way to freeze your coffee in the fridge.

Is it bad to put hot coffee in the fridge?

No, it’s not bad to put hot coffee in the fridge. Also, to speed up the process, make sure you are using a suitable container. You should also leave enough space between hot coffee and other foods in the fridge, as these foods can heat up and spoil.

You can store coffee in the fridge for up to a week. While it can be reheated, it won’t taste as good as a freshly brewed cup. There are certain things to think about before putting any hot drinks in the fridge; safety must always come first.

It is also important to pay attention to the type of container in which the coffee will be stored. There are quick alternatives to refreshing your coffee.

If you’re short on time, you can prepare iced coffee by placing the hot coffee in the fridge. You can make just one cup or an entire pot of coffee. Use your chosen brewing method, then refrigerate until completely cooled. Pour cold coffee into a glass filled with ice cubes and drink!

The cold coffee brewing method is the best to use for making iced coffee, but if you’re short on time, you can fill an ice cube tray with some coffee and keep it in the freezer. That way, when you want iced coffee and don’t have time to make a new one, you can grab the “coffee ices” that are already ready in your freezer.

Can coffee beans be refrigerated?

The fridge is not the best place to store your coffee beans. In addition to cooling the coffee beans, there are more efficient alternatives so you can make a Starbucks-like cold coffee. Even in an airtight container, the refrigerator is not the best place to store whole beans or ground coffee.

The coffee will absorb all the aromas from the fridge, resulting in a bitter aftertaste in the caffeinated beverage. In order to maintain the quality of your coffee beans: 

  • Always store it in airtight and dark containers
  • High temperatures and light are harmful to its quality
  • Keep your beans away from heat sources like stoves, breweries, and other appliances
  • Stay away from the water
  • Use your coffee beans within 72 hours of roasting, as this is when they are at their freshest
  • If you are unable to prepare your beans within the recommended time frame, place them in the freezer

What’s the best way to freeze your coffee in the fridge?

The best way to chill your coffee in the fridge is to divide it into small portions, ensuring that the finished coffee chills faster.

If you put a very hot container in the fridge, it will continue to give off steam and this steam will change the way the refrigeration works inside your fridge. That’s because the steam is lighter and, with that, it will rise and will push the cold air down. But, again, it’s a minor change. In a few hours, everything will be right inside your fridge.

Also, if you put hot coffee inside, your fridge will force it to regulate the temperature. The good part is that current models are more economical and this “extra effort” is so minimal that it will hardly impact your electricity bill.

How can you cool iced coffee quickly?

One of the quickest ways to cool something down is with an ice bath. To cool the coffee at home, an alternative is to use two bowls, one with the coffee and the other with cold water or ice. The coffee bowl should be smaller to fit inside the larger one, ideally glass or metal. 

Using a Bundt pan for the inner bowl cools the contents even faster as it comes in more contact with the ice water than the bowl.

You can also make strong coffee and add ice. Alternatively, it is also possible to freeze coffee in ice cube trays and add coffee ices to new drinks. Thus, the coffee will not be diluted with water. Agitation is essential in this case to ensure the contact of the beverage with the icy surfaces.

If you do sweeten your iced coffee, using refrigerated simple syrup will help to cool the drink and avoid problems dissolving the sugar (sugar does not dissolve well in cold liquids).

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In this text we answered the question: “Is it bad to put hot coffee in the fridge?”. In addition, we discussed if coffee beans can be refrigerated and we also discussed what is the best way to freeze your coffee in the fridge.