Is Ihop vegan

In this article, we will answer the question “Is Ihop vegan?” and discuss which options of Ihop are considered vegan and if vegan options are healthier.

Is Ihop vegan?

Yes, Ihop has many vegan options. In the United States, the International House of Pancakes (often known as IHOP) is a popular breakfast restaurant franchise.

It has many vegan options in its menus which include: hash brown, breakfast potato, fresh fruits, french fries, rice medley, vegan sausage patties, green beans and fresh broccoli (1).

When opting for these items, no seasoning salt should used and no dressing, no garlic butter and no jam, as they are not available in the vegan option.

How to know which options form Ihop are vegan?

Ihop franchising restaurant dispose of a menu guide describing the options available that are vegetarian and vegan. According to this special vegetarian / vegan menu, there are only options to side dishes that are available to vegans, while other options are available for vegetarians (1).

In addition to nutritional informations, such as caloric content, the restaurant provides information to possible allergens. In this way, it is possible to consume food safely in Ihop.

Are vegan fast-food options healthier?

Vegan fast-food options may be healthier than non-vegan options, but this does not necessarily occur. How healthy the food is depends on how it is prepared, in addition to its ingredients. 

For example, french fries is listed among the vegan options. French fries contains a high amount of fats. A serving of vegan french fries contains 15 of fats, from which 2.5 are saturated fat. 

Hash brown, another vegan option, contains 14 g of fats, from which 3 g are saturated fats (1). In addition, these options contain a high amount of sodium in a portion.

The ingestion of a high amount of fats, especially saturated fats, can lead to higher risks of developing metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease (2).

On the other hand, healthy options are found in the vegan menu. These include steamed fresh broccoli, green beans and fresh fruits. Menu options which include more vegetables are considered healthier (3). 

What are other restaurants that serve vegan options?

Other restaurants that serve vegan options are:

  • Burger King offers vegan meat burger options
  • Subway offers meatless meatballs sandwich
  • El Chicano Mexican restaurant offers a variety of vegan options
  • Louisiana restaurant offers a variety of meatless dishes in additon to meat-containing dishes

Other big food chains, such as Starbucks have vegan options in their menu (3). 

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In this article, we answered the question “is Ihop vegan?” and discussed which options in Ihop are vegan and if vegan options are healthier.


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