Is Ihop vegan

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Is Ihop vegan” and will discuss what is Ihop?

Is Ihop vegan?

Yes, Ihop has many vegan options. In the United States, the International House of Pancakes (often known as IHOP) is a popular breakfast restaurant franchise. It has many vegan options in its menus which include: hash brown, crispy potato cakes, fresh fruits, Grits, sourdough toast, house salad, and many others.

During 2013–2016, 36.6% of adults consumed fast food on a given day. The percentage of adults who consumed fast food decreased with age: 44.9% aged 20–39, 37.7% aged 40–59, and 24.1% aged 60 and over (3).


Hash Browns, a breakfast staple, is the first item on this list. IHOP hash browns are completely vegan. Avocado, salsa, or ketchup may be added to these hashbrowns.

Crispy potato cakes

IHOP’s Crispy Potato Cakes, like the hashbrowns featured above, are also vegan! Hash Browns are a close relative of these potato cakes, although they’re a little crunchier.


IHOP Grits are vegan-friendly, unlike IHOP’s oatmeal, which includes milk. If you’re looking for something guilt-free to eat, IHOP’s grits are the answer.

Fresh fruit

For a basic side dish, Fresh Fruit is available at IHOP. On this list, it may be matched with any other item for a complete supper.

Sourdough toast

As long as you don’t add any butter, IHOP’s Sourdough Toast may easily be vegan. Make your avocado toast with sliced avocados and jam on the side!

Sautéed vegetables

This meal is not on the IHOP menu, but they should be able to create it for you if you ask. Sautéed vegetables are just one of their vegetarian omelets, such as Garden, Spinach & Mushrooms, or Veggie (which does not include any eggs or cheese). Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onions, Spinach, and Tomatoes are among the vegetables that may be sautéed.

Additionally, these sautéed vegetables may be coupled with avocados, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, or salsa to complete the meal.

Fruit toppings

Fruit and dessert toppings aren’t included on this list since we didn’t feel that it was appropriate to exclude them. Crepes, Cheese Blintzes, and Ice Cream Sundaes all have vegan-friendly topping options. A few of them are Blueberry Compote, Glazed Strawberries with Raspberry Topping, and Strawberry Preserves.

House salads

Fruit and dessert toppings should not be left out of this list, no matter how inventive you are. Crepes, Cheese Blintzes, and Ice Cream Sundaes all have vegan-friendly topping options. Finally, there are the strawberry preserves and the blueberry compote, and the glazed strawberries.

Minestrone soup

IHOP’s Minestrone Soup, like Olive Garden’s, is vegan-friendly. Pasta and vegetables are simmered in a tomato-based broth in this soup.

Seasoned French fries

IHOP’s French fries are a mainstay for vegans, and they’re also delicious! Crispy potato treats may be served as a side dish to any dinner.

Baked potatoes

IHOP’s Baked Potato is also suitable for vegans. As stated on the IHOP website, it does not come with butter or cheese. However, check with your server before you order.

Broccoli florets

Steamed broccoli florets are the last vegan choice at IHOP on the list of menu items. These do not include butter, as stated on IHOP’s website, but be careful to check this with your server when you place your order.


It’s not only the cuisine at IHOP that’s vegan-friendly; they also provide an array of beverages. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included in this list of beverages. Check with your waiter to see if there are any new alternatives available.

Intriguing IHOP Facts

·         “The International House of Pancakes” was the name given to IHOP during the first 15 years it was in business. It wasn’t until 1973 that it became an acronym.

·         Were you aware that IHOP purchased Applebee’s in 2007?

·         IHOP in Vermont is the only place where you can get real maple syrup for an additional $.99.

·         Every single successful IHOP location was remodeled in the 1980s, save for the ovens. (Weird!)

·         In New York City, where the East Village location had to install a “smog-hog” to keep customers away from the restaurant’s strong bacon scent, (Ugh.)

·         When Al Lapin Jr. transformed his delivery service company “Coffee Time” to “The International House of Pancakes” in 1958, he demanded that every single table should have a complete pot of coffee on it.

Is There Enough Time to Make a Plan?

IHOP doesn’t have to be daunting or hard for vegans to eat there. Make your supper more doable using the following suggestions.

It may be simpler to use a package of dressing if you just have one choice for salad dressing. Or, if you want, you may bring your bottle from home. Lemons and avocados may also be requested–or both!

Hummus is a hero – Make your oil-free hummus to meet your protein and dressing requirements. Yummy on salads, potatoes, or even on bread!

Plant-based protein sources are few to non-existent, so you’ll need to supply your own. Vegetable sausages or black bean patties may provide protein and fiber to your morning meal. Add tofu or tempeh to your tortilla as desired. There’s no limit to the alternatives!

It’s all about the condiments – If you have the correct toppings, meals may change from dreary to scrumptious. If you’re looking to spice up your dinner, consider adding hot sauce, spices (such as cinnamon for sweetness or cayenne for heat), and anything salty (soy sauce, curry sauce, or ketchup).

Vegan or not, IHOP is a fast food and its menu contains large quantities of fat and energy, thus must be consumed with moderation. According to studies, a high energy and high fat breakfast results in increased postprandial oxidative stress compared to a heart-healthy meal. Consumption of a fatty meal results in impaired vascular function and increased concentrations of proinflammatory cytokines. Oxidative stress and inflammation are pivotal in atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type II (1). 

The IHOP breakfast options are high fat and high energy meals. The skillet meal contains 1100 calories, 65 g fat, 101 g carbohydrates and 29 g protein. 4 belgian chocolate pancakes contain 1060 g carbohydrates, 50 g fat, 140 g carbohydrates and 21 g fat. These are unhealthy examples of breakfast compositions. 

The consumption of fast foods two times or more per week has been associated with a 31% higher prevalence of moderate abdominal obesity in men and a 25% higher prevalence in women. On average, regular consumption of fast food meals was related to increases in energy intake of 56 kcal/day and 187 kcal/day among adults and children, respectively. Thus, a higher frequency of fast-food consumption was associated with a weight gain of 0.72 kg over 3 years, and of 4.5 kg over a 15-year period, above the average weight gain. Therefore, frequently consumed foods may contribute to a variety of negative health outcomes, including cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and obesity (2). 

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In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Ihop vegan” and discussed what is Ihop?


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