Is HelloFresh high in sodium? (+3 Pros of meal-kits)

This post will discuss if HelloFresh is high in sodium. We will also be mentioning a few cooking hacks or tips to reduce your daily sodium intake. Finally, we will be checking out a few reasons why meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh are so popular in the world today. HelloFresh is rated as the no.1 meal-kit delivery service in the United States as of now.

Is HelloFresh high in sodium?

No, HelloFresh is not high in sodium. In fact, HelloFresh meal kits are supposed to contain around 60 percent of your daily required sodium intake. Most of the ingredients in the HelloFresh intake come with added salt, and thus the customer needs to be smart enough to not add more salt while cooking if they want to regulate their sodium intake.

Tips to reduce sodium intake

In an effort to be healthier, many people today are trying to reduce their sodium intake on a daily basis. The tips mentioned below are targeting those who want to reduce their sodium intake easily and effectively.


Don’t add salt unnecessarily

A big mistake that we often make is adding salt unnecessarily to the food that we are preparing. However, many of the ingredients that we use to cook already contain added salt. Adding more salt will not only destroy the taste, but can bring unnecessary sodium into our bodies. Keep tasting your dish as you go and only add salt if absolutely unnecessarily.

Go home-made

Restaurant foods have a lot of salt added, to basically bring more taste to the dish. Continuously eating from out can increase the levels of sodium in your body, which can be terrible for your health. Try to eat at home as much as possible so that you have more control over the amount of salt that is going inside your body.

Go easy on the cheese

We all love our cheese. Whether it may be in the form of a camembert, a brie or even good ol’ American, cheese goes into plenty of dishes, even if unnecessary to bring more flavor and encourage picky eaters. However, cheese can be high in sodium. So, the next time you are making a sandwich, load up on veggies rather than cheese.

Make your soup

There is nothing comforting like soup from a can. Soup, as it is, is known to contain a lot of salt and this is even truer for soup from a can. If you are feeling like soup, try making your own at home with less salt and more spices for even better deliciousness. Also, hold off on those stock cubes as these can add a lot of sodium as well.

Use the help of lemon

If you feel that your meal calls for salt, try using lemon juice instead. This can add some tang along with even better taste and is of course, completely sodium free. Lemon juice, along with spices like coriander and mustard, also enhance the taste of the dish, while adding more nutrients as well.

Rinse your canned foods

Week-day dinners often call for the use of canned foods, like tuna and beans. While these are definitely healthy in terms of protein, they can be quite salty, mainly due to the brine used for the preservation. While eating canned foods, make sure that you give it a good rinse under the tap to get rid of any excess salt and even oil.

Take the salt-shaker off

The very presence of a salt-shaker on the table can encourage us to use it on our plates. One way to help us lessen the amount of salt in our diets is to take the salt-shaker off. Also, if you are going to use a salt shaker, first shake it on your hand and then use the right amount on your plate so that you can better regulate your intake.

Importance of meal-kit delivery services

Meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh, Freshly and EveryPlate are quite popular among customers today. These meal-kit delivery services bring plenty of advantages and benefits, such as the ones listed below.

  • They bring plenty of convenience to the customer as they do not have to leave the house for grocery shopping and even getting special ingredients for the meals. This can be pretty comfortable for those who are juggling a busy schedule.
  • Meal-kit delivery services also bring the very best of ingredients to the customer, and thus there is no compromise on the quality and safety of the food. HelloFresh, for example, ties up with local vendors and suppliers to ensure that the customer gets the best of the season and is also guaranteed produce with no harmful chemicals or substances being used.
  • These meal-kit delivery services can be amazing for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills. These kits come with recipe cards that not only instruct but also guide the customer step by step in the cooking process. Any amateur level of cook can easily spruce up their kitchen skills through meal-kits.

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This post has discussed if HelloFresh is high in sodium. We have also mentioned a few cooking hacks or tips to reduce your daily sodium intake. Finally, we have checked out a few reasons why meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh are so popular in the world today.

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